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  1. Thanks so much for the help and replies, will look into options after a quick call to the insurance company, will let you know how I make out!
  2. Sounds like the kiss of death and the CFE with A10 in the display is simply the tombstone 🙁
  3. Thanks so much, lightning blasted a hole in my neighbors roof and caused significant damage to his house and a lot of electricals, I had multiple popped ground faults as well as a few popped breakers but no other issues, happy for that so if I have to buy a board....everyone is safe and sound and no other issues. One other question for you, would you recommend buying a complete updated spa pack with topside control, I know with the age of the tub it may be hard to find the boards etc, just wondering if I would be better off upgrading to a compete new unit? Thanks
  4. Thank you for the quick reply, here are the additional pictures
  5. Hello, First time posting here. I have had this Marquis Epic Spa for well over 10 years and it has been extremely dependable. Only system repairs that have been performed was a pump and a topside control both several years ago. We had some severe thunder storms roll through our area and I noticed I had not heard my hot tub cycling. When I opened the cover the following items were displayed on the top side controller and they keep repeating "CFE and then A10 " when you press any button on the controller the panel lights up but nothing operates. I have attached a video and some snapshots of the
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