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  1. Hello, posted a couple of times on here...The light is not working on my hot tub when I plug it in?
  2. Hello, I have taken on a Sumatran Hot tub as a project. I may need to replace the No Fault Heater. The question is do I need to buy an original like for like one or are there similar ones I can replace it with? I have been looking at the Balboa ones?
  3. Hello, I have taken on a Tiger River Spa Sumatran hot tub as a project. I have replaced the circulation pump with an original, new Watkins Silent flo 5000 pump, however the tub is not heating up??
  4. Hello I’ve got a Sumatran tiger river spa. The circ pump is leaking at the pipe joint ..it does not seem to be heating up? Is the leaking circ pump the issue ? Should the filament feel warm to touch if working?
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