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  1. We have had a similar problem with our Lay Z Spa St Moritz after refilling the tub after Winter break. The cold water filled to the required level and stayed at that level for 36 hours whilst we put in the chemicals and filtered. When we switched on the heat everything was fine until we opened the lid next morning and half of the water had gone. There was a lot of condensation around but after draining and checking every inch of the tub (inside and out) we couldnt see any puncture. It was suggested to us that the drain plug could be the issue so we cut down a polythene freezer bag and dropped this into the hole and pushed in the plug to seal. A week later and there has been no further leakage. As for permanently sealing that may be a good idea and is something we will also look at. We are just pleased to use the tub again. Let us know how you go on if you do go ahead with sealing the plug hole. BTW the plug unit is very flimsy and considering the amount of water and pressure you would think it would click firmly shut or twist and turn with a decisive click to lock. It just limply goes into place with very little conviction if thats the way to describe it. Regards David.
  2. We have Lay Z Spa St Moritz and used it successfully last summer and carefully drained pool and packed pump away in Winter to protect against frost etc. This week we reinstalled pump etc and topped up air pressure in pool and filled with cold water and after putting in chemicals and allowing pump to fliter etc for 2 days decided to turn on the heat. As there had been no leakage of air or water from pool or pump unit we tested the bubble jets and turned on the heater to work overnight. We watched the temperature successfully go up to required level (38 degrees) but as we prepared to use spa we realised that half of the water had drained away. When we looked closely the water was seeping from underneath the pool and we couldnt see any puncture or leaks to the linings. Eventually we drained rest of water and disconnected pump etc and turned upside down and carefully examined the whole pool and all seams appeared intact and no holes. We started to fill with cold water once again and sat watching the process until water once again appeared from beneath the base (away from the pump and pipework) but on this occasion had only partially filled up. We switched off the hosepipe and marked the water level and no further leakage occured (it is about level with the inlet / outlet filter pipes?? ). Bearing in mind that we had initially filled the tub to the required levels and no leakage occured over 2 days we are puzzled at subsequent leakage. We do not want to spend many hundreds on a new tub nor do we want the expense of a bill from repair engineer. Hoping for a few suggestions to help solve our problem. Thanks.
  3. reposted on main site - apologies for posting on this link initially.
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