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  1. I’ve replaced the barb and hoses. Fixed that one and then epoxied the fitting where there was a slight crack. I’m going to let the epoxy set over night and see if it’s going to hold. if I do have to replace the heater is there a product/part number? The manual online isn’t the best in terms of replacement. thank you for your help!
  2. Our Sundance caprio spa came with our first house and so far has been a trooper. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed leaking water. We thought it was just a bad filter and replaced it but still more leaks. I finally found the leak and replaced the hose clamps with new ones but I can’t seem to stop the leak. It’s circled in yellow and I think it’s a fun coming from the transfer pump but it’s all Greek to me. any suggestions on how to repair the issue or should I call in a technician?
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