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  1. Just one more thing . Do I really need all them chemicals for hottube , is the any One good liquid or tablets to buy ?
  2. Yes I was notice this arrows and finally working fine back to life very appreciate for your help . Thank you
  3. But still shows Flo and 2:0 am on screen , also I was notice I have slow leak , for some reason I was buy 2inch seals but I can't find 2,5
  4. Hi , I just bought new one switch
  5. I was send off my main board to hottube specialist and they check it for me it ok working fine , just wonder how can I check pressure switch I'm attaching photo .
  6. Hi , thank you for your instruction , could you tell , is the possibility to fix the main board or need to be replaced , dose any body could suggest where is the best place to ask , I was call locally fixer and been told it will cost me 750£ plus fit in , I'm sending more photos wit serial number .
  7. No errors , all jets working fine , just cold water , I don't now is this heating pomp or something else ,
  8. Hi I'm new here , just thinking is the any body can give me advise ? I have beachcomber hot tube and all working a part of is not heat a weather at all , is the any think I can do my self . What could be the worst case scenario
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