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  1. Thanks to the advice received here I new have a fully functioning Hot Tub again. Many thanks.
  2. Fortunately I was able to tighten the bolts either side of the leak. They were loose and joint was larger at the bottom than at the top. I've carefully tightened them so now the joint is closed and parallel. No more leaks. Just the pipe to repair once the PVC cement arrives. Many thanks for your help it's very much appreciated
  3. While preparing for the pipe repair I found another leak this time from a pump. Can this be repaired?
  4. Thanks for the advice. What glue would I use to re-attach? I got the hot tub with the house I brought so not completely familiar with it use/maintenance
  5. Hello All My hot tub has a leak from a pipe joint only when the water jets are on. It come out with some pressure but not a large volume. It appears if the actual seal of joint has failed and not the pipes. What is the best way to repair this please.
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