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  1. Just did the mod as my HS silicon tubing has wasted away/split on my DX motomassager on my 2006 Jetsetter and works a treat. Both arms zoom up and down as they should now for £7.49 from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08HJHDZ4H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 seems good quality silicon tube. If it lasts a year and needs replacing again took all of 30 mins to replace, so way cheaper than £134.00 for a new MM Vertebrae assembly.
  2. Replaced Black cable P12 to P13 from old motherboard to new and and all sorted! all working. Now just need to see if the heater takes it all the way to 102F and it will be happy days at last. Thanks for your input guys.
  3. Yep in UK. Electrician told me 32 amp breaker (NCB breaker). 6mm armoured cable onto a rotary isolator. Don't know if that makes sense to you US guys?
  4. Spoke to dealer today and they told me earliest to get a Tech out is 12th April! 😩
  5. @RDspaguy Pic of new board. Diagram on IQ2020 box cover. 50Hz Main PCB replacement instructions and Serial number sticker.
  6. @RDspaguy@castletonia Took the plunge and drove an hour down the road to the Hotspring dealer warehouse and bought a new control head and motherboard. Went home, swapped out the old motherboard for the new one. connected up the old control head and no lights on the control head at all. Only lights on motherboard are: HTR ON off, Flashing CONTROL UNLUGGED and Flashing green LIM OK light. Thought well it must be the old control head too that is broken, so swapped the control head for the new control head and nothing again. no different to the old control head. Jumpered the heater to see if
  7. @spokanespas @RDspaguyHad a motherboard repair shop replace the big yellow capacitor today on a no fix no fee outcome, but unfortunately didn't work. He checked all the other capacitors on the daughterboard and all were ok. Thoroughly checked the control panel and the microchip within (previous pictures) had just got warm, but hadnt burned out. Cable to motherboard was in good condition. Also checked the heater relay front and back and all in order. no heat or burn markings anywhere Jumpered the pressure switch too to see if that made a difference and nothing. Am really pu
  8. I can still buy this control part from the USA. https://www.backyardplus.com/proddetail.php?prod=73225 but will add over $100 for duty, import taxes etc..
  9. @RDspaguyI do believe I may have found the problem....circled in red. Am thinking that looks melted and cant be fixed which = a new control panel. My concern is if I replace with a new control panel am i asking for trouble again if the leaky transformer capacitor burns the new control panel out.
  10. @RDspaguyJumpered the heater pressure switch tonight and no difference to lighting arrangement.(see photo) Still no LIM ok light and still Control unplugged light on. I then went looking for other faults. Took control panel out and examined back and front and couldn't see any fried parts. Control cable to motherboard was all good. Also flipped Relay board over and looked for burns, but all good. Really scratching my head with this one! Might take the whole IQ2020 to a electronics shop and see if they can see what is wrong. 😞
  11. @RDspaguy Can you tell me how I test the pressure switch on my Heater to see if that is at fault (before spending big dollar on a new motherboard)? I know you said it can be jumpered in your past comments i have seen on the site. I have the new heater now, but dont want to plug it in and use it if the old heater is OK. Would rather fully test the old heater which has good element (OHMS test) and new Thermistors. If the pressure switch is not the issue then i know the heater is good and i can return the new one for refund. I then know it has to be the control panel (which i took apart and
  12. @RDspaguyDo you know if the transformer can be tested without removing with a multimeter?
  13. Strange the high light indicator is off when it is a new high limit thermistor in the heater? would have thought that would have come on being new. Ive taken a closer shot of the yellow cylinder and it does look fuzzed up when compared to a picture of a new one I found on the net. Would you bet on this being something to do with it? I am not sure if this played a part, but when the electrician came to fit the outdoor power I asked him to do a volt meter test on the circuit on the Luminescence LED to see if it was fixable as didn't work. In the process I think he may have shorted some
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