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  1. Is it possible to make the pump work without the topside? I'm assuming it has its own on off switch. I can't figure out why this one has a separate Johnson a419 controller mounted on the side of the pak. It's like it has a separate controller that only does the temperature but doesn't control anything else. I can only find this info on it https://www.poolsupplyunlimited.com/pool/johnson-controls-a419-series-electronic-temperature-control-13-ft-lead-cord-a419abc-3c/136031p1
  2. I've found a used jetpack 941100 pack but it doesn't have a topside controller. It has a mounted Johnson a419 but that seems to only do the temperature. Are topside controllers generally compatible with all packs or do you have to buy one by the same manufacturer?
  3. I really don't like therapeutic jets. Love hot tubs, hate jets. Bubbles are fine. How would you suggest transporting a used spa? I don't have a truck. By the time I've hired a truck/trailer and moved it I may as well build one
  4. The transport is more the problem of a used spa. Figured I could build a cedar one on the spot and it'd be a spring project with a lot of sweat and tears I'm not big on massage jets. Warm water and bubbles is fine by me..
  5. Battery was a phone auto correct typo. Was meant to say heater. For the pump system, do you need one pump for water and one for the air/blower? I have found a decent spa pack with top side control, plus ability to wire up a pump and a low voltage light. Understand your concern, admittedly I am new to spas but learning a lot online. I've done pool filtration before on my own above ground pools so don't figure it's too difficult to learn. Am determined to do it myself so that's where I'm heading...
  6. Ok, so I need the full unit with controls? The above link is just a replacement battery for the inside of these units? It will be an outside tub by the way with electrics+ GFCI done by electrician. I'm just building the rest myself...
  7. Is it possible to build a "self sealing" tub out of pine/spruce or will it decay too quickly? clear cedar is hard to find around here...
  8. I'm building a diy tub from an ibc container (250 gal) and just pallets or maybe 2x4 frame. I have a cheap pool pump from an intec pool, maybe 1/2hp. If I buy a heater like this: https://www.canadahottubparts.ca/hydroquip-spa-heater-2550-5350-5-5kw/ How do I house it? Does it need to be in a box separate from the tub or can you put it on the side of the tub in some sort of enclosure?
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