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  1. The piping failed on our iPool 3 1900 gallon above ground pool. We are leaving for 10 days and I can’t run the filter pump/salt water generator during that time while I wait for parts. Should I buy chlorine tablets and a floating dispenser to use while we are gone? My Home Depot has 3” tablets in stock.
  2. This was removed from a brand new Balboa spa pack (well it was about 2 weeks old).
  3. Thanks. I was wondering about that but when I touched it it felt like some kind of grease. When I cleaned it off I could feel where it ate deeply into the metal. This heater was used for a 1900 gallon salt water pool (chemical levels balanced) for 2 weeks before it failed. I will replace it with a titanium element and see if that works.
  4. My Balboa spa heater kept tripping the breaker. I disconnected the heater and it powered up just fine. I can’t see any obvious issues with the heating element other than some rust on the left connector. What am I missing?
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