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  1. This is a cartridge filter and the cartridges are about a year old. This problem was happening even when we had just bought them, the problem has just gotten worse over time. The pump does run at a lower RPM once I am done in the spa, around 2300 (I don't remember exactly but sub 2500 and above 2000). The solar is always turned off when using the jets and it has ever been on when we start the filter back up after cleaning. The chlorine generator also does get cleaned and was actually just cleaned and is all clear. Thanks for your communication, I hope this can get figured out.
  2. Here are photos. The filters are fairly new so it shouldn't be that. We also just cleaned them really well, including soaking them in degreaser this past weekend and there wasn't any improvement in pressure which is unusual. My father also told me that it used to be very easy to clear air out of the system if it ever sucked air, but since we've had the new pump if air gets in the system it's very difficult to get out, he has to "baby it" and switch it to spa and let out air multiple times. He said it's as if the system doesn't have enough sucking power to clear the air out in a timely manner.
  3. I hope this is the right section for this. We have had a major problem with our spa jets for over a year and a half now. The pool/spa combo was built in 2008. I am a young adult child of my father who owns this pool along with my mother. I am a disabled dependent and this spa is what I utilize for physical therapy and pain relief, it is not just a simple tool of leisure. My father has always been horrible at maintenance. He never maintenanced our pool until summer 2019. He never changed the pool filters, never changed the heater (which finally busted a few months back and was leaking gas fumes
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