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  1. We have the same issue in our spa. The ph stays high, the TA drops over time, then the ph starts to slooowwwly follow. We bump up the TA and the ph goes up too. Our TA runs from 70 to 30, our ph 8.2 to 7.5. Our LSI seems to be fine, so I try not to worry about it. We’ve only been doing this a few months.
  2. I’m sorry for the sideways and upside down pictures. Not sure why that happened! The builder also never caulked this crack and said it wasn’t needed. Feels unfinished to me and I worry about water going in through there and behind the spa.
  3. New in ground spa installed in the fall. Getting build up right under concrete coping. Is this calcium deposit from the water, even though it’s above the waterline? Or efflorescence from the concrete coping? Or something else? How do we treat it and how do we prevent it? Thank you! (We use bromine sanitizer. Keep the balance within LSI range using a Taylor test kit and their app. Our ph runs a bit high and our TA a bit low. Trying to tweak it in closer leads to never ending seesawing. I’m including the latest run of test info. The jump from 170 calcium to 250 was because I tested it.
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