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  1. Thanks. I ordered the bromine Taylor test kit as recommended however I was not able to find and order few test tubes for this kit so all 4 or 5 test can be done same time. thanks again for all support provided. Thank you, masood
  2. Thank you. It looks like liquid test kits are most reliable when it comes to true readings so to balance chemicals in water just right. I will need a bromine test kit. Thanks Again, Masood
  3. It seems that I need a good testing kit for my Sandance 880 series marin Jacuzzi/Hottub. I found an electronic one on Amazon. $165 - I don’t mind spending the money if this test kit dies the trick.‘I was wondering if anyone has used one of these hand held electronic test devices? Are they any good as oppose to those kits with liquid bottle.? Thanks, Masood
  4. Thank you. Correct. They are not Biofilm but Calcium. Ordered the stuff from Amazon and will work it out until ultimately reduced to acceptable level. You see, I inherited this Jacuzzi when u brought this house and it’s inside the house. It’s rather a google one they say. I had not used one before in my whole life but now, I have it and trying to make the best use of it. Thanks again. Regards, Masood
  5. what is Flaking process? I am trying to find readings online too. Also, learned about a simple test to determine if its calcium or caused by biofilm. I believe they are calcium. I purchased: LEISURE TIME Spa Hot Tub Weekly Stain and Scale Care Control Defender (3 Pack) from Amazon so let see how it would work I will post results here. thank you all. Best Regards, Masood
  6. thanks and I am doing the same. I ordered a bottle is Sodium Bromide from Amazon after your response. water is fresh now and based on my test trips reading Alkaline may be a little high (comparing colors on test strip and the bottle instruction). what should I use if Alkaline is little high? thank you and I hope one day my experience help others. regards, masood
  7. thank you, then my test strips are got giving me accurate result. I will add some PH chemicals. how long does it may take to go away? like how nay draining if known? i'm thinking Calcium too since it stays at the bottom. best Regards, Masood
  8. i did. and its all on same subject matter. white stuff that sits at the bottom ob the tub. tried to be descriptive as much as I could. I am sorry as I did not intend to take time from you folks but be descriptive. I don;t even know some of the terminologies in this biz. tried uploading pics so you could see instead of reading but site wont allow for that. I have uploaded one pic successfully which really doesn't say much. thanks again and please accept my apologies, all of of you good folks. thanks, masood
  9. hi, trying to upload some Pics to show these white stuff but site doesn't allow for uploads. lower resolution pics wouldn't show the stuff, thus wouldn't help. trying again. before draining, I use this pluming/Jet cleaning chemical and let jets run according to the instructions. then drained, soak filter in filter clean solution mixed with water according to instruction, cleaned filter and insert. cleaned inner shell of Jacuzzi with solution White Vinegar and water equal amount and it did a very good job. after ref-filling, added needed chemicals/balancing water and ran the je
  10. Hi, I have my own thread but replying, I thought experience by other folks may help! Thanks.
  11. What are these white stuff I see after I ran chemicals to clean plumbing / Jets before draining. Drained, clean inner shell with water/white Vinegar at equal amount and refilled. Added chemicals and ran Jets. I see these stuff again! What are these stuff and why? From plumbing ? Calcium? Thx, Masood
  12. Hi, what is sodium bromide? Can I buy online? New fresh water and test using test strips. My issue is these white stuff that appeared after running the jets. I did use plumbing and Jet cleaning chemicals before draining. Site won’t allow me upload all pics. Regards, Masood
  13. Hi, refilled the Jacuzzi but still see these white stuff after I ran the Jets so chemicals added get mixed. I used pluming /jet solution purchased from Spa store in Sterling, VA and based on instruction added and ran the Jets before draining this Jacuzzi. I see these white stuff now again after refilling and adding chemicals. Cleaned the inner shell using water and white Vinegar and that worked well. Any suggestions on what these white stuff are and how to get rid of them would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Masood
  14. Ok, I need one formula to start with then after refilling I can collect data and upload. Using test strips from Amazon, all factors been within OK area. beside Bromine and PH balance and water soft/hard chemical, what other chemical i need to use with Bromine please? I can refill and start with that Formula then start taking tests. what test kit is recommended for lost accurate results? Mine is just a bottle of test strips from Amazon. I don’t mind spending little extra and get a real dependable testing kit. regards, Masood
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