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  1. The motor tried to turn over but like a cold car it didn’t go through then it went quiet and tried again. We unplugged the spa for two hours, opened it up and put a space heater inside. The jet buttons are now working and it hasn’t sputtered in 12 hours. We covered it with a tarp (-20f here this morning ). We have someone coming tomorrow but may delay that til it’s warmer if it’s still quiet not losing temperature
  2. Thank you. I posted on a separate thread and took pictures
  3. Our spa has been working fine until yesterday when it began continuously trying circulate, then stutters (constantly trying to start but stopping) then goes quiet. It’s been been below zero for week here in Minnesota and won’t warm up until the end of next week. The water temperature is at 95 degrees so it’s not going to freeze but I’m worried the motor will go out and the it will. We put a space heater by the control panel, which is Balboa. See pictures. We can’t get a service call in this cold. What do we do?
  4. Our spa is continuously trying to cycle but it just stutters and then goes quiet. We are in Minnesota and it has been extremely cold (below zero) for over a week. We have been using it and the heater and jets were working fine until yesterday. The water temperature has gone down to 95 degrees so it’s not in danger of freezing but I am worried the motor will burn out. We won’t have a warm up until the end of next week. What can we do?
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