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  1. Can you soak an infected filter using a cleaner, backwash and fully dry? Will that bring it back to life to use again? Or does the hot tub folliculitis still lurk within the filter acting in its dormant stage. Asking because I'm ready to purge with Ahh-some and reusing my filter.
  2. Happy tubbing dashmer, I had my sanitzer goe to zero all of a sudden on me, does that count?
  3. Hi Yall, Wondering what practices people are doing with their spa filters. Use them one year? Use them until they look dirty. Use the expired filter one last time after purging with Ahh-some? Does the Hot tub folliculitis still reside in the filter even if you clean it throughly? Thanks for your input
  4. Hello, I am curious in how people schedule there ozone system. What is your current chemistry using ultraviolet or corona discharge? I recently bumped my schedule ozone cycle more and I’m liking the results. Although it raised 1 degree from 101 to 102 probably from the circ pump running the ozone the water feels good. My parameters are calcium 250ppm ph 7.8 borate 50 alkalinity 110 ( kinda high, I know) chlorine 5-10ppm cya 30ppm. nature 2 stick What is the cost effective to use more ozone or chemicals? I noticed my electricity bill took a hit during winter but I’m looking for comfort on the skin. I’m looking to see if I can lower my chlorine levels lower to the 3-5 ppm level. this evening after from a week of new water it felt almost like the first day. how long do you run your ozone?
  5. Any preference in brand for pool chlorine?
  6. Hi Cassie, reading back at your post, i wanted to share my refill experience last weekend. I did a refill last saturday after using the spa guard enzyme on Friday. It was comfortable while in the tub, had a little foaming but i knew my water was tired and decided to decontaminate using aaawhesome and super clorinating to 20ppm. Drained, wiped dry then proceeded to use gel gloss to protect the fiberglass. sprayed downed to flush any residue, with wet dry vacuum. Went to refill and before i added anything to the fill water, i went ahead and got a baseline with my test kit. previously i was using the dip test strip but wanted to erase any doubt about what my fill water is. Coming straight off the hose from city water, Ph 7.2, calcium 450ppm, chlorine .5-1ppm, alkalinity 50ppm, borates undetectable, cyna not detectable. first thing i noticed right away was my high calcium. I should be in the 150-200 range. Previously i would add half a cup of calcium due to the test strips readings and it caught me off guard. I have since purchase a pleatco pre-fill water filler to do top offs and for the next water change fill up. so i went to adjust my chlorine level to 10 but accidentally put to much dichlor using the spa calculutor and shot up to 20 ppm. so i decided to say screw it and adjust the chlorine level the next day while the tub was heating to temperature. I proceeded to adjust the alkalinity to 80 and borates to 50. Then the next day at water temp of 101, i decided to add hydrogen peroxide 3% to lower the chlorine to 8 ppm so i can use. Testing cyna was at 60 and aerated till 7.5ph. Added a capful of spa enzyme and I went to enter the spa. I noticed the water was way comfortable than previous sittings. I noticed that i was able to sweat right away and when exiting i did not feel any on set of itching. Although i cant adjust the calcium right now, i will definitely take more notice on my next refill. i did notice calcium deposit on my fiberglass water line previously too before draining. Nitro Dichlor/Bleach method recommends calcium at 100-150ppm. Just a thought, maybe taking a look at your calcium level?
  7. Has anyone wash filters in the dishwasher?
  8. Do you have a bromine or chlorine system. Do you experience excess foam?
  9. Hey rcderm313, i have similar skin conditions. After getting a prescription from my doctor of silver sulfadizine 1% cream it helped with the flareups. after 10 days i switched to triamcinolone for ongoing spots. I've tried using the Antifungal Antibacterial Soap and Body Wash made by Miracle Skin on Amazon for worst spot flareups. It helps a little, and briefly cools the skin. Also Yardley oatmeal bar soap works good and Aveno lotion after showers works good too. Im going to try spaguard natural enzyme a month into my water and see what it does. if nothing improves, i will be draining and restarting this weekend with ahhsome on the list. Anybody else have any suggestions for itchy skin?
  10. I have a similar setup like yours DougA. i have a 500 gallon with ozone. I have read some of your posts and had similar problems and skin issues. After reading and rereading waterbear and chemgeek, I have made a notes and tracked my progression. I also use the nature2 stick but I’ve been doing less on the Mps as I think I am getting a itchy skin reaction to it. Every week, I dose 3 tablespoon of Mps to oxidize and activate the nature2 stick. Run the pumps for 15 minutes with no air and air and pull the filters out and soak them with chlorine for an hour and then rinse with water with a comb like attachment that sprays the pleats. This has been a good improvement with my skin issues. In my experience with the oxidizer Mps, I noticed if I use to much mps it shows up in the combine chlorine test. When you also add Clorox, that is an oxidizer and a sanitizer. This will result in too much oxidizer. The oxidizer is looking for organics and ammonia to break down. When there’s nothing to oxidize, it just accumulates. When that happens, in my experience, chlorine can’t sanitize properly and my skin begins to get super itchy. I’m new to this so maybe perhaps I’m getting chlorine rash? I don’t even get in my hot tub if my combine chlorine is detectable. In certain circumstances if I would have combined chlorine detected, I would add two tablespoons of 99.7% diclor, circulate, then Drain 1/3 of water. Refill with fresh water and wait till the operating temperature and then check what my levels are. What I’ve been doing after a soak, I would use 1-3 Tablespoons of Spa guard enhanced shock (depending on who was in the spa with me that day) which has 57.3% sodium dichlor where it would keep my Cyna low and when I get to 30 Cyna switch to Clorox. It would be 3-6 ounces of Clorox depending on who was in the soak with me. I would also every week spray Clorox with water on a rag and wipe down the water line and top side shell. This has help tremendously with the itch. I am curious, how does your water feel? Are you having any skin issues? Do you have ozone? Is that why you like to have free chlorine to be around 1? For my setup, I like to hover around the 3-5 free chlorine. Have you thought about adding borates to your setup? It helps with ph fluctuations. I hope some of my experiences will help you. When I had to go to the doctor 2 months ago due to my itch, my wife says while putting the ointment on my back, “Your putting too much chemicals in the tub, your over thinking it. Keep it simple, Stop wasting so much money. “ Without the wealth of knowledge in this forum, and my daily log book, I would of spent $100’s more to find the solution. I still have an itch but not as bad as the beginning. Still logging in my notebook and hunting for my miracle sweet spot. good luck
  11. Wondering if there is an update on your dilemma, I’m at a crossroads also.
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