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  1. great, thanks so much. i truly appreciate your educating me this evening. very helpful!
  2. ah okay, gotcha. so this is not an unusual circumstance when a tub uses Economy mode... in other words, nothing needs to be "fixed" ??
  3. okay. i believe my sensor is in the flow through tube (it was originally mounted on the inside of the tub with the original layout). can i change the circulation delay to keep the temp higher?
  4. it's this one ... https://hot-tubs-usa.com/not-specified/spa-control-hot-tub-heater-epack-controller-25x55-115230v-acc-smtd1500-4692
  5. this is my owners manual, my board is the "1000" model ... let me know if you see something i dont see. thanks. http://acc-spas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/77098-User-Manual-ePACK-5-2017.pdf
  6. thanks, that's exactly what i want to do (put it in Standard mode) but it's not a Cal Spa control board ... it's Applied Computer Controls board and I cannot find a way to shut down Economy mode entirely.
  7. yeah i was thinking the same thing (economy mode) ... it's an "applied computer controls" box and in the users manual i cannot find any way to shut economy mode off entirely ... i can only change the intervals between when it runs. so if i'm thinking through this correctly, i need to max out the interval time so it runs economy mode as little as possible throughout the day, right?
  8. I have an older CalSpa, single pump. I have it set to 102 but it always drops to 88 or so between uses (over a 24 hour period or so) this time of year (average temps around 45). When I go out to use it I turn the pump and heat on and it will move back up to 100 or so within 5 to 10 minutes ... but I wish it would not drop at all to start with. I've looked over the users manual to see if it's some setting or whatever and cannot figure it out. Any ideas? TIA
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