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  1. Well did an ohm test on the heater and with the heater disconnected I was able to bump the motor. Waiting on the 50 amp breaker to come in and sump pump and chemicals. Can't wait 😁 Thanks all
  2. Well I'll probably know shortly. No corrosion. Cleaned up the main contactor. Only thing I see wrong is the gfi won't reset but is also making continuity. Good enough to run tests, bad to lay in water for hours 😂. I'm an electrician by trade. So with balboa systems since I'm in the US, why do they have 50 million series of them? What's the difference between a 1000 and 3000?
  3. So long story short I bought a house and have been completing the hot tub room from the previous owner. I finally started running electrical to the controller. I'm planning for the worst and hoping for the best. The current controller is a CRL MI series that screams 90s. Nothing digital about it with air line switches. I hope to clean it up and if it works....well I won't worry about it. If dead I'd like the replace the whole unit with heater. The issue is which unit should I go with? My searches always seem to show balboa and ACC brand systems with huge price differences. So reall
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