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  1. Ah, I see what I did there, was typo, FC 5 TA 80 PH 7. 2 Sorry for any confusion.
  2. Ah, erm, yep, sorry but test Stips Tub is 2m x 2m and 0.9 deep. Supplier said 3600lts and to add 3 cap fulls to a a container of warm water and dissolve the granules. I have attached some pics of that may help.
  3. Waterbear that is a very detailed and informative reply, thank you. As I said, we have had the tub just under a week, we haven't been able to use the tub at all over the weekend and when I came home from work today I thought that I would do a water test First thing I noticed when I lifted the cover was that the water was a little cloudy. free chlorine was at 0ppm and PH was at 6.2 after adding chlorine granules and PH up my readings are free chlorine 80ppm and PH 7.2ppm However the water is still the same misty/cloudy look to it. would this be ok to use ? a
  4. Hi folks, my first post on here. We had our tub installed on Tuesday and have been enjoying it so far. I have possibly a silly question but can't seem to find the answer anywhere, what's the difference between chlorine granules and chlorine shock?
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