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  1. This might be a good thread to have sticky as it seems a lot of people are having the issue...
  2. On the ACE: We love the soft water feel of salt water. I knew the cell was a wear part, but did not know the cost. We will continue the expense as the water quality benefits are worth the price. We never use boost, and are careful with water chemistry. As it stands keeping water to treat in the tub and not on the patio is my first priority. 😄 The cell failed again just prior to draining the spa so it was a front-of-mind thought...
  3. Thank you for the reply. My thoughts on the local dealer - The technician who came out has been honest, courteous, and very polite. They are overwhelmed with repairs and installs and backed up for months. There is only one dealer service group in Portland so I am going to have to wait for them unless I can do it myself. Not his fault, just the economy and pandemic. I would never blame the repair staff. In terms of warranty: Being a second owner should not be a rare occurrence given the length of time it takes to order a new Watkins product, and the residual value of the spa. Many wi
  4. Almost did the hard part.. Digging in further: In hopes of not having to completely remove the bottom pan glued onto the base of the cabinet I opted to dig out the foam on the adjacent side of the leak. Our technician thought the four-way manifold was the source; however, it was not. Once the new side was torn down it was clear the leaking pipe went up and around the manifold deep into the center of the tub. I refilled it, setup power, and chipped away to be sure. Looking at the plumbing diagram I mapped the leaking tube to the left-side (center most) hand massage jet
  5. When starting this journey back in November 2020, I had no idea how frustrating this experience would be. Today we were told by the factory service technician the following: 1. The earliest they will be able to fix my leak will be in JUNE, that means a seven month wait from when I reported the leak to Watkins. 2. They will not service my hot tub at my home. This was understandable given the size of the leak and them wanting the environment of a controlled temperature in a workshop. 3. The move fee would be $900. 4. The repair would be an 8 hour minimum, if I remove the bottom. T
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