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  1. Ok thanks, what would be the difference if I changed a2 to the off position?
  2. Hi, I have 2 pumps, 2 speed pump and 1 speed pump. I have attached a picture of what the definition are, am sure I have put 6,7,8 on correctly but I am not sure about 2,and 10. Thanks sorry about late reply.
  3. I was also unsure what this part ment. I have attached a photo Thanks
  4. Hi, managed to get it sorted. I put the low speed and high speed the wrong way when I was installing the motor. Thanks for your help and response 👍
  5. I have attached a few pictures of the motherboard incase I have not set somthing correctly there.
  6. Sorry now I am able to turn off the jets completely. I turned the temp back up and it is starting on high speed.
  7. I have replaced 2 two speed pump before yes but am sure I put it the same wiring as before and I also replaced the motherboard and topside controller as the motherboard block got fried. And the topside controller i had was not compatible with my new motherboard. So I replaced that also with the correct one. I turned down the temp but the low speed is still running and heat light is now off as I think its in filter cycle. Am not sure on how to turn off the filter cycle.
  8. Hi, I have a balboa hottub and is just looking for some advice. When I adjust the heat temp the pump 1 high speed turns on, is that normal as I thought it only uses the low speed pump for filtering and heating. When it kicks in I can press jet one then it switches to low speed and still heats up. When I came back out a few hours later to check the temp the pump 1 high speed has turned back on again and doesn't shut off automatically until it reaches the desired temp. I have attached photos of my topside controller and the motherboard I am using is a balboa gs501sz. Any advice on this would be
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