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  1. RD SpaGuy has been helping me on this- I pulled the jet and it looked fine - better hose water in the tub connector and blew a washer out and it started leaking. Advice is to cost the jet with Teflon and use the washer on the outside - hopefully this holds. Yes , the jet started worked again right after the washer blew out but not likely that was the problem. Maybe I should just stick to being a medic
  2. Ok- new problem. I was using the tub and everything was fine. Heard a whistling noise start from the corner where the moto seat is. Checked it and found #2 little neck jet was sucking in water/air. Turned the gate to it and all 3 jets around it worked fine and the problem jet was spitting little water out . Turned the gate back and it starts sucking in again. Did I just inherit another leak?
  3. I found my old one had a white cake powder built up in it. Figure it was shot even though it made bubbles. Time to replace? Do I have to stick with the Watkins recommended one?
  4. Ok- 4 coats and mesh. Nephew came over and looked at it (underwater welding engineer at GE). He passed once with the sander and that crack was gone. He’s pretty confident it was from the stress of the hot tub move to my house. Tubs filled back up- dry as a bone so far. Amazing how a little washer can cause all of this trouble. I don’t know how you do this for a living! Thank you for your help on this one!
  5. On it- got the mesh in with three coats of JB weld like you used. When I sanded before the first coat, took one little pass to remove the crack so I don’t think it was too deep yet. I replaced the washer on the light screw (cracked in half) and put some silicone on the screw part and screwed it back up in and let it set over night. Fingers crossed I found the main leak in that light and my crack now will cease!
  6. I just checked- you’re right. It’s a crack. It’s about 9 inches up and down from that plug. It’s not leaking- am I screwed now?
  7. So I dug it all out and here’s the culprit! A light assembly in the top of the MM. can I fix this or do I need a pro now?
  8. Thanks! So I peaked inside both Moto housings to see what the drains looked like. Having no idea what is normal, I discovered the side that “isn’t leaking” had a visible plug sticking up that looked sealed in with silicone. I then peaked at the leaking side Moto and saw the cavity without the plug sticking up like the other, and what looked like a piece of the plug further into the siliconed hole. It also had some sediment like coloring in the end of the piece I could see. Assuming the sediment was being drawn into the “cracked off” plastic part?
  9. I checked the motor compartment like you advised in my PM. Dry as a bone- looks like I’m heading to the corner if I can’t get a temporary plug in for now. It runs year round with no horrible winters on the NC coast so if I can plug, sounds like a good temporary option. I’ll update you on my progress!
  10. Hi! Looks like I have a decent leak coming out of my left corner. Is this probably the nipple line tied to the motto seat that I’ve been reading about? Is there a way to plug it until I get to slat pulling and digging?
  11. RDSpaguy- I have a 2010 Grandee with water coming out on the left corner where my moto seat is. Sounds like the same thing? Will I be able to pull slats and dig out?
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