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  1. Now they are all working… thanks for your help! I’m sure it’s still in or maybe I got lucky and it blew out. Had some black garbage in the bottom of the spa after running it for an hour. All clean and all keys working - no leaks.
  2. The latter- they can be screw removed but it does have that washer in between the shell and the body that it screws into. 2010 Hot Springs Grandee
  3. well, fired it back up and the jet is working but the first one now is doing the same thing! I guess I just blew it down the line! Lorddddsd
  4. Will do! Thanks for all of the details. Your pics really helped me understand better! I ran the shop vac on it after lowering the water below. I forwarded air and all the other jets dribbled out water and air freely. Then I reversed on all of the jets pulling out a bit of water and I think small particles. Nothing big came out though. I had to pull the front jet out to get inside better. Sealed the jet stem up with a little silicone and put it back in. I’ll refill tomorrow and update!
  5. Thank you sir! It was out of commission for awhile and yes, lots of debris were on the floor even though I cleaned, I’m sure small debris made it through the drain on the floor. I also just did an ahh-some purge and a ton of gunk came out. I’ll follow the shop-vac advice…. Can I also flush the lines somehow with a hose to push objects to a larger jet to come out? Last, should I unscrew the jets even with that washer being in between the spa wall and jet? I worry I’ll suck it out! Lol
  6. That jet isn’t pushing anything but the others around it are fine. When I close the small diverter to it, they all go down like they should and the one not pushing out starts sucking water in. Thoughts?
  7. Here’s some pics - felt like there could be a washer in a little indentation but it was filled with a white silicone that scraped out.
  8. So I pulled the switch out and it looks like RD was right- no washer but it is wrapped in Teflon tape (looks like it was a little deteriorated). Try cleaning it and wrapping again or go with hunting a new one down?
  9. I figured y’all would say that, RD. Looks like there’s the OEM at 500 and another popular one for 300 aftermarket. Aftermarket one needs to have a jumper on the board because it has an internal pressure switch and not the original board driven setup? Worth the price difference or stick with OEM?
  10. The body- looks like right where the “cap” meets the larger plastic
  11. Could the pressure from the new pumps have caused this? Can I fix this or does the heater have to be replaced? 2010 Hot Springs Grandee . Thanks!
  12. Thanks sir! I pulled the 2 pumps and the shafts are pretty rotted through to about half. 2 different pumps - makes sense because there is only a high setting for the Second set of jets on this.
  13. I’ve researched pump costs and it looks like Backyards Spa has 2 options for GG1M2310. There’s a generic for less vs the 600 pump. I also found an aqua version for 300ish. Can I go with the cheaper aqua or should I stick with Wavemaster?
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