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  1. I’m sure this has been tackled before, but I can’t seem to find it. The only way I can seem to keep my pH in check is when my alkalinity is around 40ppm or less. If my pH stays around 7.6, but my alkalinity is this low, is that a problem? The second I add alka-rise, my pH goes through the roof. Thanks in advance. Matt
  2. Thanks @waterbear. The thing I was most concerned with was the accumulation of the pH decreaser. I keep adding and adding. Wondering if there’s any danger to having an accumulation of that chemical? Or can I assume is safe so long as my pH is not low. It’s currently 8+. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks @RDspaguy I’ve looked at those posts, yet still struggling to keep ph down. I guess what I really need to know is whether it is dangerous to have an accumulation of this ph reducer product in the water? The water continues to be on the basic side 8+. Readings today were: pH: 8.1 calcium: 108 alk: 54 bromine: 7.5
  4. Just wanted to bump this and see if anyone can help...basically just need to know if it’s unsafe to have too much ph reducer in the tub (accumulation over time)? The ph however is 8+ unfortunately.
  5. I’ve had a similar issue where I’ve had to keep adding ph reducer over the past few days. Is there ever a point where you have just added too much? Is it unsafe? Despite this, ph level still @ 8. Thanks in advance.
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