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  1. New circulation pump arrived today, installed it, turned on the tub and ALL IS GOOD. Pump is running and the tub is heating!
  2. Hello, I have the 2010 Sovereign II. I had a mystery leak in the corner. In this corner of the tub there is the dual jet on 'moving snake' that sits behind a cover. Inside this compartment area is a small led light at the bottom. This led light hole is what was leaking for me. I thought for sure it was a pipe but it ended up being this light hole and I have just caulked it to stop my leak.
  3. Yes, I tested these leads on the board (black and white) and it had voltage. So I’m feeling confident the pump is dead. Thanks.
  4. No sign of life with my circ pump. I had my hand on it and no humm. I don’t know how to test it using a volt meter. You can’t disassemble it because the parts are glued in there. It’s probably 10 years old which may be the life of it. Hoping the new one fixes the problem.
  5. Yes, the jets will run. I'm assuming the same thing, dead pump. I'll order a replacement and hopefully be up and running again. Thanks for being another sounding board.
  6. Months ago, when I originally installed the new contol panel, control box, and updated the software it wasn't heating. I replaced the limit switches to the heater and all then it all worked fine. So, I didn't think the issue would be the heater switches.
  7. Yes, I installed a new control panel to go with the IQ2020. All was running smooth for the past 3 months. Received an error message to clean filters and restart. Did that, it worked for a day, then stopped heating and no circulation. I've had this error before. Maybe the circ pump was on it's way out and finally gave up the ghost? I just pulled the circulation pump, it was all clean and no debris in it. With the pump disconnected I turned the tub back on to see if I was getting the same error, and yes, same error. I took my volt meter to see if the panel was delivering power to the circ pump leads, and Yes there is power to the leads. So, it must be a bad circ pump right? I took it apart and it looked clean with no issue. Nothing in the propeller, and nothing strange with the wiring.
  8. 2010 Hot Springs Sovereign II, ll1M2085, with new IQ2020 Eagle Control Box Not heating and I don't think the circulation pump is operating. Flashing Power/Ready lights on the control panel. Open the Control Box pictured below, left to right: 1. D21 Red led light is on; 2. PWR ON led is green and flashing 3. LIMIT OK led is lit sold green Cleaned filters, checked for airlocks. Pulled the water lines off both the heater and the circ. pump and water is flowing. Did this to remove any airlock and check for an junk jammed in the pump. Seemed fine. Feeling the circulation pump it doesn't appear to be running, I would expect a slight humm and no water movement in the tub. Do these led light indicators tell a story of a bad circulation pump? How do I do a double check on the circulation pump to make sure it's the problem or an unfixable problem before buying a new one? Here's a picture of the Control Box.
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