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  1. Any insights regarding how supply for pools/equipment will be for this upcoming 2021 swim season? I'm looking to do some upgrades to my above ground setup but am on fence. Vaccines rolling out and local communities seem to be loosening restrictions (if they even had any) especially for outdoor activities, so maybe folks won't be in a frenzy for pools this year.
  2. Any recommendation for cleaning spa filter? I’m running a low chlorine tub so want to keep chlorine and other chemical use minimal.
  3. Yeah my friend always tells me how I need to pickup a taylor kit, but my strips and cheap $12 HDX kit from home depot is doing me well for now. I am normally careful with the strips - I take a sample from a cup instead of straight from the spa/pool.
  4. Thank you for the info and also tagging them in - I forgot to mention that I also have a cheap home depot (HDX brand) liquid water test kit as well - they've all been pretty similar even with the pool store. Unfortunately the MPS is only in test strip form, at least what i've seen after searching, at least i know it has gone down after an extended period of not adding and it went back up after adding NC shock, so maybe some validity to it. I've read the dichlor post previously and am definitely considering following that regimen if I run into trouble with the N2. Thank you very mu
  5. Anybody know how to confirm/validate that the Nature 2 is working? I have mine installed on the housing of an outlet filter my inflatable hot tub (coleman saluspa tahiti ~177gal @ 80%) I performed the initial dichlor shock at fill Used the tub three times within the past week There are things floating on the surface but overall the water doesn't seem cloudy Free Chlorine reads ZERO After a week MPS reads ZERO (I only added NC shock after the my first dip) I have both MPS and pool test strips. ALK is at 80 and pH 7.2-7.6 I don't feel sic
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