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  1. Hi, Im looking for some advice on my Hawaii Lazy spa hot tub. The water level has increased from minimum to over the maximum level from rain water. I have own two previous hot tubs albeit Palm Springs and have never had this issue. I sweep water from the top when I see it but with this hot tub it seems like the water is filtering through the lid into the hot tub. Bestway told me that the lid is not waterproof because it’s breathable so water will seep into the hot tub. Anyone else had excess water level due to rain water? The picture attached shows the hot tub now, I filled it to minimum level marker and the lid is bulging due to the excess water. Thank you
  2. Hi I'm looking for some advice on my lazy spa Hawaii hot tub, I bought it in September last year and noticed the water level was raising after rain fall. I tested it out by filling the tub up to minimum level and monitoring it. The level increased to an inch over maximum level within a couple of weeks. I have had hot tubs for over 10 years and never had this issue. If rain pools on the top I brush it off but with this Hawaii it has no pooling so all the water must be seeping in. I spoke to Bestway and they say the lid isn’t waterproof, water will leak into the hot tub. Anyone else had this issue? Thank you
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