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  1. this was on the Spa Pack and top side - for anyone troubleshooting in the future that stumbles onto this thread. RN NF on the spa pack and FLO on the top-side controller. The spa pack had the RED WRENCH showing when the code was thrown. As stated above, the motor wasn't powered correctly due to blown fuse and has since been replaced. One the motor fired and started moving water over the heating element, errors cleared after a reset and i have a nice warm hot tub again.
  2. all, update. i found my meter either wasn't reading resistance correctly (it's no Fluke or Fieldpiece), but i tried another borrowed meter and found a bad fuse inside the spa pack. once replaced, it fired right up! that said, i will be upgrading my meter for future trouble shooting..
  3. Located in USA. Only code showing on the spa pack is currently is "Heater - No Flow" (to be expected since the pump is not running). Motor is wired correctly and I am seeing 120 on white-black, white-red... however, i did just read that i actually need to measure black-red and see 240 across there. Not sure if that is factual or not, though. There's zero hum, cap is good, I have the two spa packs and both are good, and i have completed the learn twice on each spa pack. i ran out of day light and it got cold last night during install - i am going to check the fuses tonight and meter from t
  4. I inherited a hot tub from the previous owner. I have replaced the heater (10/2020) and used it for a few months, then the pump/motor got loud (01/2021) so I purchased a direct replacement and swapped it out. I have 120 to each leg at the spa pack, 120 to each leg of the motor, common and h/l speed are wired correctly. I can hear the spa pack (03/2020) relay click when I pressed the pump #1 button on my keypad but the motor is not humming or trying to turn over. I also checked the run capacitor (didn't see a start cap) and it's ok as well. My tub is currently errored out on the heater wit
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