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  1. it runs very good on low speed! also did play around with all the relays every thing working right on the board i will try that when i take it apart and i may as well purchase the capacitors, they are pretty cheap. So the capacitor on the top of the motor is called a run capacitor?
  2. Hi! I have an old 1999 cal spa genesis, two speed two motor hot tub. And i am now having a problem with the second speed on pump 1! As soon as its activated it buzzes for a second then shuts off! i was using it one day and it was fully working in second speed, all of a sudden the buzz noise started and it shut off! sense then never worked again. A few things i have already done- Checked for a blockage, checked pressure sensors, checked power from the control board on 2 speed. All good I took apart the motor and noticed two capacitors! I read about a start capacitor and a run cap
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