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  1. Here is a video of the leak flowing... https://www.facebook.com/HotSpringSpas/posts/10158759918389351
  2. RDSpaGuy, I had to order a proper underwater silicone. I bought Boss 801 after reading posts on the forum. It will be a day or two to get via the mail. I have marine products but fear they would never come off if I use them, making it harder to properly repair if the leak is at the plumbing and jet junction. I am debating capping the line and filling the jet with epoxy if it is leaking at the junction. I would just chop it out when the weather improves, I am not certain I want to take the bottom off it... Much respect to anyone who does this for a living, getting the hard f
  3. I am pretty sure the leak is coming from the hand jet. I did exactly what you are saying, as the foam was wet all the way to the top and the speaker housing was full of water. I dug several feet in the wrong direction twice as the water follows the space between the hard foam and plumbing. It goes everywhere. I finally broke the hard foam open one of the lines and water came out like a faucet. The only thing on the other side is the hand jet near the middle of the spa. Nothing else is plumbed on the line. In the image you can see the water flowing down the tube. The hand jet sits
  4. I got it out. 1. Taped the shell to avoid scratching it. 2. Grabbed it with the channel locks. Expected a fight. 3. With no pressure at all it spun out. It was finger tight at best. No cracks in the jet or jet body. the red oring is there and was not damaged. It appears there was some clear silicone on the back of the jet (pictured) that was near gone. My question. Should I attempt to silicone the fitting and snug it down? Could this be the issue? I am thinking i should give it a go before tearing off the bottom. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks! I am on it right now. Will send pics and updates. I have a Dremel multi-tool and is does a better job than the gasket scraper, just have to be very careful! Pulling the jet now...
  6. If you have any tips on getting the hard foam off I would be extremely grateful. The jet is pictured below, I also found a drawing of the assembly. Is there a special tool to back it out? Can I use channel locks? I would tape the shell to avoid scratching it...
  7. Yes, if the jets are on it is 3-4x the flow rate. I can also slow it down with the diverter valve. I chipped away at the hand jet on the side closest to the cabinet (not the leaking side) to get an idea of how the valve body attaches. I worked my way up the line with my gasket remover until I hit PVC. Once I hit the PVC the hard density foam coating will not chip off. It seems bonded to the white PVC and does not come off in chunks like on the pink piping. Picture below...
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