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  1. So we use the tub with a reading of 3 or 4 FAS style testing. We get out and I throw in a tsp or 2 of Dichlor still at this point until CYA reaches 30. My question then becomes the next afternoon I will test and it reads 3 or 4 but also has a CC of one drop maybe two. With no use, is this normal? I would think the couple tsp I put in the night after use would take care of CC. So like today I just remove the top for a cycle and put in another tsp to get rid of the CC. Lastly when we are in the tub there is like a slimey looking substance that gathers in one are of the tub when we use it. Is that normal just oils from the skin, soap, deodorant whatever we may have brought in? And do those little floaty things work to collect that stuff. The little star shaped sponge looking things. Thanks @waterbear
  2. Okay WAY too much info for me. But here was my take on it. Basically don't ever let the hot tub get below 1 or at least for any period of time. 3 to 5 ppm is ideal for jumping in. After soak get the numbers back to that 5 ish range FC. If CC is present at 1ppm or above shock at 10ppm and get back to the above. How did I do? Also I bought the test strips you recommended for Borax. Hard to determine between the 50 and 80 mark as to my color and eyes, could be either or in between. Any issues with that? Should I add water and lower it or run with it. I used 20 Mule and just today got my PH 7.6 and AK to 50 ish or 60. @waterbear Thanks for all the help Sir. Your a hot tub forum rock star.
  3. Thanks for the clarification I just dropped my first of 3 doses in and will see how it goes. Makes sense now. And thank you for the clarification on the sanitizer. Yes I use the .5 method. Lastly which we both know is a lie. Entering the tub I should be 5ppm or below FC correct in being safe or should it be more like 3ppm. Then when I am done bathing get it back up to ?? 5 or 6 ppm? And a shock number would be considered 10ppm or should it be more? @waterbear
  4. Okay just so I am clear on the above and here is why. From a fresh fill it takes me roughly 8 to 10 oz. of 31.45% to get my PH to 7.6 ish. Your saying adding the 20 mule is going to change the numbers SO drastically that basically I am adding that much MA again. Please clarify?? Or do I add the 20 mule then just add acid until the numbers come down. I am using and have been every time I test using the FAS-DPD method you sold me on that. So I am clear in what I am saying. After I add drops to get my FC. I add 5 drops to see if the water turns pink if it does that is considered CC. At which point I add drops again until clear and that tells me how much CC. Right now when my sample turns pink I can get it back to clear with one or two drops at most and that is acceptable??? Thank you @waterbear
  5. Okay so I up'd my TA to 50 and my PH is riding around 7.6 to 7.7 I used Baking Soda to raise adding 4 oz. 3 separate times. The Baking Soda was a year old but I couldn't think that would matter??? Any opinion?? Tub 350 gallons how much borate do I add?? Or Calculator to get those numbers?? Also I have been using the tub daily once in the morning for 30 minutes then add teaspoon of dichlor then at night about an hour and add two teaspoons after of dichlor. Last night I got in with my partner the Sanitizer level was 4.5, no CC checked before we got in. we were in it for an hour or more, threw a teaspoon or two of Dichlor in after and this morning 5ppm FC showed CC water turned pinkish one drop cleared it but is this normal, and should I shock at that point Twice now this week it has shown combined chlorine so I get it up to 10ppm FC and take the top off for a few hours. Is that the process of shocking?? After the FC comes back down it shows no CC so I am guessing I am doing this right but not sure??? My shock at this point is still Dichlor because I am not up to 30ppm CYA. After I am I will be using SH instead of Dichlor. Is this normal and the process that it will show CC with that much use twice in a week?? Seems I read most people only shock once a week. Also it is my understanding to take the filter out weekly and rinse, is this just a rinse or should I soak it in SH water then rinse or do I only need to do that once a month. @waterbear
  6. Numbers as of today and steady. PH 7.4 ALK 30ish no issues with sanitation. Would like to see the ALK number closer to 50 but then is pushes the PH to 8 or more. Any thoughts? As for Borate my spa is 350 gallons and I have the test strips for it. What product should I use. 20 mule or something else??? Thank you @waterbear
  7. I kinda figured that but wasn't sure how much ozone does. That almost half the amount of sanitizer in 16 hours is that about right??
  8. So yesterday at 4:40 I got my tub up to 9.5 ppm This morning at 9:10 am I have a reading of 5.5 ppm So 4.5 ppm 16 hours I lost 4 ppm I have 0 CC drop test checked FAS/ DPD I believe its called. With the powder My question is would that be a normal loss I also have ozone. Or is that a sign I should super sanitize it. Thank you
  9. Yes I can set the filtration to run 24 hours I suppose. I will have to look and see, thx and yes I aware about the cover being off.
  10. Okay I will nuke it tonight. I am still purging and still getting stuff. My pump doesn't run continuous as far as I can tell. So I can drop the temp to low but not sure how often it is going to run. Being new I really haven't had a chance to figure it all out. I have just been running purges it seems. Will it matter if I nuke it and it only runs so often??? I can go out and run it until I go to bed but thats about it. Also the stuff coming out is literally yellowish and sticky like dried honey. So I am thinking its biofilm above anything else and I am just eating layer by layer. Will nuking it help with that also?
  11. I have already nuked it once but I only left it in there for two hours while running the pumps as many times as I could over that two hours. I am just going to keep doing Ah-some until no more **** comes out. However long that takes. Definitely a pain in the butt.
  12. I thought so myself but just thinking outside the box. Like if something was in it that attached to the ah-some or something. Just hard to believe I am still getting such nasty out of this hot tub
  13. Something smelled a little funny when I was in the other day and still seeing like a slimy substance on one side of the tub when I was in, so I said F it and threw in some more ahh-some. This video is the 3rd time again purging. This is F'n ridiculous the previous owner must have never drained this thing. I have plain bleach from publix but on the back says can be used for HE so I wonder if the awesome interacts with it???? Tomorrow I am going to run another ahh-some with just dichlor and see what happens, then I am going to the pool store getting SH and blasting this thing!!!!!! https://youtu.be/pulfdPkwqe4 @waterbear didn't you say if my CC was clear after adding the R0003 that there is no combined chlorine?? And if that is true does that mean that the chlorine in the tub is not being used up to kill bad stuff?? Just curious because I got in this tub 2 or 3 times with the yuk in the video obviously still in the tub. I always had at least 5ppm FC when I used it.
  14. Okay I am over thinking it I guess, mainly because how disgusted I was seeing what came out of the tub and not wanting to get sick or grow a 3rd eye. Again I appreciate all your help and patience will touch base in a week or so about boric acid. Any particular kind I should order in the meantime?
  15. Only reason I was curious about chlorine demand was to see if I had something more in my tub since I had soooo many issues with cleaning the biofilms out. I was thinking about Nitros post in bringing the Chlorine to 10ppm and see where it was in 24 hours to see if something is using my sanitizer. Thats all I do have ozone also and according to the hot tub service man it is working. Any idea how much one of those eats on Chlorine? Last thing I can think of for now and again THANK YOU for all your help. I have read that when I use the tub I should add about 3 to 3.5 oz of bleach 6% per bather/bather hour when I get out. My tub is 350 gallons. And as for shock do I need to use an oxidizer or can I do the same thing with bleach once a week? Say pour enough in to get to 10ppm once a week or should it be higher? Or the same thing when I am at 1ppm of CC Thanks @waterbear
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