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  1. Okay I am over thinking it I guess, mainly because how disgusted I was seeing what came out of the tub and not wanting to get sick or grow a 3rd eye. Again I appreciate all your help and patience will touch base in a week or so about boric acid. Any particular kind I should order in the meantime?
  2. Only reason I was curious about chlorine demand was to see if I had something more in my tub since I had soooo many issues with cleaning the biofilms out. I was thinking about Nitros post in bringing the Chlorine to 10ppm and see where it was in 24 hours to see if something is using my sanitizer. Thats all I do have ozone also and according to the hot tub service man it is working. Any idea how much one of those eats on Chlorine? Last thing I can think of for now and again THANK YOU for all your help. I have read that when I use the tub I should add about 3 to 3.5 oz of bleac
  3. my cya according to the pool store after yesterdays shock with dichlor is at 26ppm Yes I plan to use bleach after I get to 30ppm of cya I already ordered and have in hand the Lamonte testing strips
  4. I am not doubting you, you asked me a question as to why I purchased the parts from the 2005 kit and that was my answer. Thank you for your help and for the clarification on the R 0003 with the dpd test at 10 ml So am I reading things right then as far as CC goes. Since I have no color change when I add R 0003 then I have 0 ppm of CC ?? 10ml results got me at 7 ppm I did another test the same way I did it this morning "right or wrong" just to see what I would get. 25ml 2 scoops and 40 drops = 8 ppm vs the 9.6 I got this morning. So from 7am this morning until 1p
  5. I just tested again 10ml 1 scoop of DPD powder swirling while dropping 0871 and got 14 drops. 14 x 0.5 = 7 ?? added 5 drops of r003 and water did not turn any color soo I am guessing there is no CC ?? PH still at 7.6 TA at 50
  6. Okay I will run another test here shortly and let you know what I got. However you mention 1 scoop of powder in 10ml after that how many drops of R0003 do I add for CC The FAS DPD test I did was what I followed off the Taylor youtube channel on how to do it. On there it says 25ml and two scoops etc. So I followed their method. As for the 2005 reagents. A guy here I know that sells them said the FAS DPD test is more time consuming for a daily check and I could just use the reagents from the 2005 test kit so I got the reagents and the comparator. Looking at the directions for the 200
  7. I spoke with the manufacturer today and he said the 4th intake is a safety thing. If one of the other intakes get clogged then that 4th will open up and take over as to not damage the pumps. Leisure Bay Hot Tub 1411 model
  8. Just spoke with Taylor to the guy who wrote the instructions for these kits. After the FAS DPD test he told me my CC was at 4 and I needed to add 4ppm of Chlorine to take care of the CC. We discussed about my reading of FC and how each day I test I am within 1 to 2 ppm of chlorine from the day before. i.e. I get a 5 today tomorrow it would be a 3 or 4ish. If something was using my chlorine that FC number would change. So he didn't think anything was eating my chlorine or demanding it. Did I understand him correctly?
  9. the numbers given above were all from the one pool company that does the computer testing. I had the other 2 pool companies to it also with their drop test one said 20 and one said 15. My test in my K2006 when the cylinder is full its at 30 and I can still see the black dot at the bottom so I know its less than 30. But that makes sense because since the fresh refill I put in 6 teaspoons upon fill and 4 teaspoons one other time, and 1 teaspoon twice on two separate days.
  10. Two pool stores doing a drop test and one using a computer kinda thing that is supposed to be 98% accurate. As for names of kits I am not sure. However they all said my numbers were overall good except for the computer one that said my PH was high. I am no longer getting any brown stuff out of the Hot Tub there is a slight oily haze in the water I am not sure what that is. Kinda looks slimy and clear like spit or snot consistency. As for my testing kit I am using the K 2006 but I am using the R001 and R002 to test chlorine which today read 3 ppm, I added R003 and it read 3 als
  11. I was able to finally get in the tub for a few minutes today. There are 4 intakes in the bottom of the tub 3 are sucking the 4th nothing. Is the 4th for something else? Like ozone or whatever or should all 4 be sucking water. Thanks in advance.
  12. Could you look below and advise the last few questions I have Thank you
  13. Went to Lesley's pool store and gave them water. They have a computer system that automatically runs all the numbers somehow. Anyway they were still showing my PH as high where I was at a 7.6/7.7 ish. Went to another pool store who does it old school and they got the same thing I did. After 24 hours numbers below PH = 7.6 aerate for 15 minutes and got 7.8 so I think I cured the ph rise TA = 40 / 50 ish 4 drops pink 5 drops red FC 5 TC 5 Where am I trying to keep my chlorine numbers for use? Is 5 safe to go into? Is 10? So last step I think is 20 mule Borax??
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