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  1. Hi There, New to this forum and to spa pool ownership. I purchased a spa pool direct from an online company in New Zealand who's customer service has been closed over Christmas and New Year. An electrician wired up my Spa for me and got it going. The spa is heating fine and retaining it's temperature fine. It has an ozone system but my water is quite cloudy despite me adding extra chlorine. My expectation was that the circulation pump would go 24/7. It seems to go on and off through the day. I'd also set 2 filtering times of 1 hour each after seeing a video on YouTube of someone doing so with the TP500 system. The filter comes on at the programmed time but turns off after 2-3 minutes. Finally when I'm in the spa with the jets on they turn themselves off after 15 minutes or so. Is all this normal behaviour? The manual that came with the spa is generic for all Balboa systems and is near useless. I do know from the company website my Spa has 1 circulation pump, 1 main pump, an ozone system and a 3kw heater. If the behaviour of my spa is not normal how can I fix it? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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