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  1. I will post a picture later today, at work at the moment yeah I guessed they would be standard just add ons can you recommend one if this is it
  2. Yeah I thought that but hasnt got one built in I did try to look for a compatible one but couldn't find anything witch a gecko plug Thankyou
  3. sorry if ive jumped in somewhere i shouldnt but i have a hydropool serenity and have had to repair it whilst doing this i have noticed an air line coiled up inside the cupboard next to the spa pack does anyone know what this is Used for I assume an optional extra but wasn't certain Thanks Lee
  4. Hi Was looking for someone who may have experienced this problem i have a hydropool serenity 5000 after a water change I've powered back up and now it keeps reseting I turn it on and get 269 then R 1 and then resets itself any advice would be great thankyou
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