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  1. Thanks for the reply CST, I never considered the leak might actually be from the jets against the acrylic, rather than the actual pipework. Now to go and find the flow switch! Any idea how I can test? Cheers, Dougie
  2. Morning all, I have a 20 year old Beachcomber 350. Have had it since new and kept it well maintained. Over the years I have changed out the pump, element etc and kept it in fairly good working order. I now have two issues: a) Could anyone recommend a sealer that they have personally used to fix leaks? I have moved the tub and now seem to have a significant leak. The underneath of the tub is filled with expanding foam so no way of tracing and sealing the pipe externally, so need to find an additive that will do the job. Dropping about 100m per day. b) The tub now goes into a flow error when it reaches temp. When I start the tub when cold, I need to turn on the pump otherwise it immediately goes into flow error. The tub will then run until it reaches temp, then go into flow error. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance for any help. Cheers, Dougie
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