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  1. As far as I understand one has been successful, we engaged the company but declined to fix the issues. Suppose the only avenue is a class action but won’t have a clue how to go about it
  2. Oleg class action but I am unsure how we would all about it.
  3. They did look in to it but have washed there hands with the issues
  4. Our pool is about 4 years old. Stated going white about 2 years ago plus and has been white below the water line for over a year
  5. Been quoted $7000 to replace the gel coating
  6. Zmn no they will not take will not take responsibility with our pool
  7. Sandra they seemed to have the issue far and wide. Not sure how you go about a class action and how many people out there have the same issues
  8. Same issue with our barrier reef pool, gel coat has failed. Have attempted to engage them to resolve the issue but not interested. I understand this has happened to multiple people.
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