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  1. These are actual soap bubbles. Hot tub looks, and smells, like a bubble bath once the jets are on. Bubbles have reached 3-4' high. Would be great fun for the kids if it wasn't the hot tub. We've tried defoamers and they didn't work. Thank you for your reply . Really appreciate all the help we can get.
  2. We believe someone dumped detergent or bubble bath into our condo hot tub. Any suggestions how to get rid of the 'bubbles'. We have LOTS and LOTS of bubbles. Thanks.
  3. We think someone put detergent in our condo hot tub (kids jumping the fence is most likely). Bubbles everywhere—-many bubbles. Just like a giant bubble bath. We’ve had the pool service out 3 times and they can’t seem to get rid of the soap foam. Any suggestions? They’ve supposedly drained it and cleaned,etc. but still many, many soap bubbles. Thanks.
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