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  1. I have a Calspa 425 gallon spa with an ozonator and I keep experiencing a PH drop weekly. I have a Taylor Test Kit and test weekly and the PH will always settle around 6.9-7.0. I used 'PH up' to bring it in line to 7.2-7.4 but it also raises the TA to the point the water gets cloudy. My TA can range anywhere from 100-170. I use dichlor for sanitizing and i don't think it would cause the PH drop. We only use the dichlor after use, per the recommendation of the place we purchased. We also use the tub about 3-4 times a week. Not everyday. Most peoples experiences on the fo
  2. I understand that you don’t want ph to be on acidic side. I’m not an idiot. I just didn’t think you’d have to aerate all day to get ph to rise to 7.6. Especially when the tub cycles off ever 15 minutes. This tub has been worse than raising a newborn, and I have three of those. It’s 17 degrees here today, I would assume you have to aerate with cover open? Gonna watch the electric meter spin today.
  3. I am aerating with the cover off and all jets on full. Following waterbears comment,I failed to bring the ph up to 7.6 before starting. I took the ph down from 7.3 to 7.0, testing before and after, and then began the aerating process. Even with skipping aerating at first to bring ph to 7.6, I still don’t understand why I can’t get the ph to rise from 7.0.
  4. I have had alkalinity issues with my hot tub water. I ordered the Taylor 2006 test kit and have been doing the acid demand tests trying to get my alkalinity lowered. Before I started the process, my calcium hardness was 160, ph was 7.3, and alkalinity was 140. I initially used 1.97 Oz of dry acid to bring the ph down to 7.0 and then I aerated for a half hour and retested ph. It was still 7.0. I then aerated for another half hour and retested ph and it was still 7.0. I just can’t seem to get the ph to rise through aeration. There’s plenty of turbulence in the water. I’m no chemist, b
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