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  1. Suggest you post this question to water chemistry...you might get more responses.
  2. Photos of your issue would be helpful...
  3. Thanks for the suggestions gents. I have tried RainX and it did seem to help at first, but either wore off quickly or didnt seem to help after a couple weeks. We have been thinking about using a small sponge or towel so that might be next. I was wondering too if this is an issue with this touch pad or if other brands are having similar issues. While the simplicity of it is great, sometimes the old school buttons just work better.
  4. I have a Gecko in.K1000 touch screen keypad on my Beachcomber hot tub that drives us crazy at times. It looks like this one: The issue is when using the jets and air and if there is a slight breeze, we get a buildup of mist from the tub on the screen. Then when you want to use it, it shows a hand wiping motion wanting you to wipe the screen off before it will let you do anything. With wet hands, it usually takes numerous attempts to access it. On rare occasions it will not unlock at all and the breaker has to be reset to clear the issue. Has anyone run into this with this topside controller or other brands of touch sensitive screens? If so, did you find a work around? Thanks
  5. 99 in the summer, 100 in the fall and spring and 101 in winter when very cold outside.
  6. With all of the high sanitizer levels and purging, I doubt you have a bacterial problem, especially with no one else coming down with problem. Next water change, try the dichlor then bleach method and see if your problem clears up. No big investment to try it. It is possible you developed a problem over time....
  7. Sounds like soap to me. Are you washing your swimsuits in soap? If so you have your answer.
  8. If you have a sensitivity or allergic reaction you may want to consider switching to chlorine. I have read that some people are bothered by bromine and not chlorine.
  9. That looks like dissolved air to me. Especially if it clears when the jets are off. If it bothers you try turning off the air to the jets as RDspaguy suggested originally.
  10. I am thinking your pH reading is wrong. All of the products you are using are acidic, so you should not have a pH that high with the TA that low. High sanitizer levels can wash out pH readings. You should wait until your sanitizer level drops down into the normal range and retest your pH. What are you using for a test kit? A TA of 50 might be on the low side when using the products you are using. There is a good sticky in this forum on setting up bromine tubs that probably lists the desired TA and pH. Check the top of the list of topics.
  11. What is chlorine sediment? Salt? Wouldn't this more likely be calcium?
  12. Thanks for the clarification waterbear, this makes sense. Time will tell but I am confident that you nailed it.
  13. I was thinking more of the strange accumulation on the gaskets... Note that the accumulation was on the gaskets behind the jets as well as the one behind the light and in the skimmer area. All gaskets has some accumulation but not "visible" anywhere else.
  14. I feel like I am the first to run into this on the forum, even thought we only use one of these products a few times a month at the very most. I would have expected others to be complaining about the issue. Have you seen this come up before in the forum? Here is a video of what it looked like back in January when I first noticed it. Might be helpful for someone else in the future if they run into the same thing. Thanks. IMG_2391.MOV
  15. Wow. A lot of chlorine was thrown at the tub thinking it was something organic and it was something we put in...jeez...so much for not affecting water chemistry. I wonder if it also caused an extra load on the Cl. We have used several other brands of aromatherapy on occasion during the first 9 months without issue, but the one we used in Dec. just before the issue was a different one. We are not going to use any of them for a while and see if the problem disappears. Thanks for your help again waterbear....just needed someone to put me on the right path. Hope you are right!
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