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  1. That was my thought too- so maybe for some reason the Metal Gon wasn’t enough to sequester it all? I used an entire bottle, and the tub is only about 275gallons, with maybe only 50 gallons added back from the well. It just looks SO BAD- like a tub full of pickle juice. And I’m still perplexed as to why the filter itself appears pretty clean. I’m just gonna let it ride for another day or so then I guess I’ll drain and look into water delivery...
  2. Ya, we appear to have A LOT of metals and other junk in our well water ...makes maintaining this hot tub a challenge, that’s for sure!
  3. So we got our very first hot tub- a Hot Spot/Hot Springs Stride model. We have well water, so the common problem we have is metal in the water -even though I use a prefilter on the hose to refill- which of course turns yellowish/greenish when you use the MPS oxidizer to shock it... No big deal- I had a system worked out where whenever I top up the water, I put a new filter in the tub, add the well water, add the MPS, it turns yellow, but then with the filters running, it’s clear again by morning, I take the yucky filter out- clean it and replace it with a new filter. I have two filters I
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