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  1. Update: I was able to find a pump diagram its actually the circulation pump stuck in the on position not the jet pump
  2. I have an sundance optima 880. 2 years ago we had a lightning strike a hundred yards or so from the hot tub. The next night we went to use it and it had gotten tripped so the heater and pump 2 were running full blast and the temp was over 120. I shut the tub down until it was down well below where we usually have it set. It came back up to operating temp and was fine for about a year until it happened again. I did the same thing as before and it reset. Fast forward to last week and it happened yet again and when i flipped the breaker for a couple days and the heat came back down and stays at 101 (where we usually have it) but jet pump number 2 will not shut off now matter how many times i try to reset it. Other than this issue it works flawlessly. Any help in which direction I should go would be greatly appreciated.
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