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  1. Thanks not my thread but this pdf will be very helpful for my 2001 altamar are their service manuals around too?
  2. see my other thread after many attempts the heater still leaks so I need to replace it Im in Canada so its expensive and parts suppliers are limited Factory Sundance spa dealer wants $425.00 + tax and shipping OR aftermarket balboa $325.00 + tax and free shipping one year warranty on each what do you guys think are the balboa heaters any good or do I stick with OEM ?
  3. I didn't know it opened either until it started leaking now I'm an expert and taking it in and out..... there are no serviceable parts and sundance wont sell the element or gasket alone
  4. the oring keeps the water inside the heater it comes in gets heated goes out see this video (not mine) it shows the oring gasket im talking about
  5. what sealant would you use there are so many out there, the o ring is orange rubber or maybe silicone?
  6. its getting by the original o ring as it comes out the seam
  7. I took heater apart today removed gasket applied permatex the right stuff in place of oring and around each screw hole assembled and tried leaked worse then before took it apart again cleaned off permatex re installed oring reassembled ran it for 2 hours NOT a drop so i got in tub after 15 mins or so its leaking again any ideas here it started leaking AFTER I installed an ozone generator I installed an injector just a generic one perhaps its reduced the water flow enough to cause heater to leak? heater only leaks when pump is on second speed its fine on low s
  8. welcome But we need to know the make model and year also open up the equipment panel take a pic of the electrical box turn power off, open the control box and take a picture of the board and the diagram if there is one
  9. where did you order the relays from in case I ever need them
  10. if I open it up what do I seal it with there is a rectangle rubber gasket that's not available I'm going to pull the heater tomorrow I have to run out and get some 3/4 inch bolts to plug the lines with as I don't want to drain the tub what should i be looking for besides cracks I will open it and take a few pics hoping tomorrow the heater ONLY leaks when the pump is on high speed it doesn't leak on low or when the recir pump is only running
  11. on the sundance the ozone only runs during filter cycles if you touch any buttons it turns off 3o mins i think I have noticed if its not running and I turn the heat up (without touching anything else) the ozone icon appears the recirc pump comes on then the heater just came back from my tub the ozone runs also when you have the recirc pump running
  12. my 2001 sundance altamar heater is leaking it is leaking at the seam where the two halfs are screwed together in between is a gasket (I saw this on youtube) I tightened the 12 or so screws and the leak stopped for a few days but now its back the heater is expensive so I was wondering if i took it apart and used silicone on the gasket and reassembled if this would work and last? if a silicone would work which one? the heater works fine just leaks
  13. so today I installed a ultra pure ozone generator on my 2001 sundance altamar pretty straight forward its plug and play with the molex conector previous owner removed the ozone injector so i had to reinstall one but I have a few questions installed it powered tub one turned temp up recirc pump kicked on ozone powered up and indicated so on lcd turned tub off closed up cabinet turned it on turned heat up and no ozone unit was not on as no light from it and no lcd indicator does it only come on for programed filter cycles? I also notice bubbles c
  14. here in Canada I got a whole bunch of spare parts for my 2001 sundance altamar on Kijji scored a like new lcd control panel for $65.00 it IS a gamble through you could easily get ripped off I've been fine so far
  15. Got this fixed on Sunday found two small leaks same line same area cut out and put new hose about 6 inches wrapped entire are in kleenex and used the tub as normal. checked yesterday NO water on Kleenex put my hand under tub as far as I could between plastic and foam and so far foam is dry I have marked the water level and will keep an eye on it what's "normal" water loss from use per week? tub kept at 38 with cover on outside temp low of 8 high of 16 lots of steam coming off when you use it recirc pump runs 12 hours filtration pump runs
  16. many places you can buy bags and fill them if you don't need too much that's the way to go as your right delivery is a killer
  17. make sure the recirculation pump is not set to run for 24hours if it is it should be running. download the manual if you don't have one its easy to change the run time(s) I just cant recall offhand and it may be slightly different for yours the recirc pump will run if set and if the heater is on it also runs when the filtration jet pump is one if not perhaps the pump is faulty then
  18. May have found the leak the lines we felt wet yesterday were NOT wet today but im sure they were leaking so i felt around and when moved a pin hole opens up either dripping or misting the drip was steady enough that it would be a lot of water they are AIR lines when I turn the bubbler off the lines fill with water and I guess depending on vibration and such the pin hole would leak or not I could only see the leak with my very bright spotlight it showed the discoloration on the hose where the pinhole is located
  19. loose about 2-2.5 inch every 7 days foam is wet for about 1/2 the bottom surface area its wet approx 1 inch deep from bottom. we removed plastic it was dry as were patio stones underneath refilled and ran it we ran it NO dripping stood it back up and poked and felt around dug into wettest area and found some lines that were wet.
  20. that's a hard pass I'm too old to sore! ill keep plugging away at it today!
  21. well it was a long day drained tub stood it up removed plastic sheet on bottom plastic was DRY patio stones underneath DRY foam WET over approx 1/2 bottom area we put it onto 6x6 refilled hooked power back up and ran it for 6 hours water lever dropped but NO drips at all drained it tipped it back up and foam still wet.... so i took dowel and probed wettest areas NO luck bottom inch or so of foam is wet above that is dry 3 of us tried incase one of use overlooked something we did find some lines that felt wet (see pic of line(s) confirmed by all 3 of us put plastic
  22. we have had a 2001 sundance altamar since spring I used bromine since we got it chem levels are correct the bromine gives my wife a rash if she stays out of tub rash goes away so we know its the tub she is the only one with maybe 20 different people being in it over the summer total so what else can I use? what do you guys recommend? we go in hot tubs when we travel and its never a problem pools have never bothered her
  23. make sure you leave room for the pumps to breath they do need air circulation I used roxul to replace the spray foam that was dug out of my tub works great and cheap I did NOT bag mine as i was filling odd shaped voids. In your case I would bag it you will need to build a cabinet around it too again leave vents on pump side
  24. it has to go up first as it has a very thick black plastic sheet on the bottom ill need to remove that to have any hope of spotting drips.
  25. I do have some jackstands 6 I think I can always buy some fence posts to stand it up on now I just need to talk some guys into helping me lift this thing....
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