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  1. The standpipe is connected to the main drain somehow.( its filled half way with water) The installer said it was for safety. I do not understand how this works, but it is supposed to stop someone from drowning if the suction is to great on the main drain. I tried to find other pools online with this setup but haven't had any luck. So to the problem I'm having. I need to blow out the lines trap air inside to prevent freezing and figure out what to do with the standpipe . Is this correct?
  2. Hello everyone, First time pool owner, it was installed in September. My kids are loving it. Happy I got the heater so we are able to enjoy the pool this fall. But I need to figure out how to close this thing cause "Winters Coming"...lol I need help with closing my pool it's a doughboy above ground 16x32 with a main drain and 7ft deep end. My problem that I'm having is that I don't know what to do with the main drain and the stand pipe that goes to the pump.
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