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  1. This is the official reply I've had from Mspa for anyone else who needs it. Remove the control panel from the spa tub, disassemble filter pump from the bottom of control box so as shown in the video. Drain water and clean off any scale incrustation, like white coagulations inside the filter pump. Unscrew the complete part of the air valve on the spa pool and the spa will be deflated.
  2. Hi, new to this forum. I've had a search through the groups already and not found this question asked anywhere. I have an MSpa Starry Delight which I purchased earlier this year and I'm looking to pack it away as it's getting colder. I've drained the water from it, dried it off, left the air blowing for 20 minutes to dry the water out of the bubble skirt, but can't find an easy documented way to deflate it. Does anyone know of a technique to take the air out of it so I can pack it away? Many Thanks Ade
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