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  1. Hi folks, Update on the cartridge life. After the cleaning and flushing of the pipework with the product supplied by Hot Springs, as of yesterday I have reached 4 months on a cartridge..................and it is still working producing an appropriate amount of chlorine from my salt water. I guess that is a result as the previous cartridges barely lasted two months. It is a shame that Hot Springs didn't go down this road to start with (biofilms). They would have saved 3 cartridges at £70 a pop. Thanks for all the input. Regards, John
  2. Thank you sir. Just waiting on an official reply from Watkins as I am still under guarantee. Cheers.
  3. Latest update from Watkins (who own Hot Springs). They have supplied me with another free cartridge (3 now), asked the dealer for my technical service history (not much)...two visits from a technician who tried to say my water chemistry was off. I suspect they will say the problem is with me and not the cartridge lifespan. I have asked the dealer to contact Watkins about treating with Ahh-some or similar products. Apparently e-mails take about two weeks to get to the US, so I will wait again on a reply. I am holding back on emptying the tub and purging it until they reply. I'll update when I get a response.
  4. Thanks "Aero" for your input. At least I am not alone in this short life cartridge situation. I am still waiting on a reply from my nearest Hot Spring agent as to what action they are going to take next. I am still under warranty. Meanwhile I am waiting on salt arriving before I treat the tub with Ahh-some and refill. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the pipe-work and if I get 4 months out of the next (and last) cartridge.
  5. Thanks guys for your input. Have had a look at biofilm removers. Think I'll give Ahh-some a go and try one more cartridge. Cheers. J
  6. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Hot tub is about a year old now. I don't think the issue is with the water chemistry, because everything is OK until the cartridge fails. Replacing the cartridge resolves the error on the tub LEDs (Flashing Yellow light as opposed to green). I have had a technician out twice now and he can't find any reason for short lifespan of cartridges. I have heard indirectly that Hot Springs are reducing the stated life expectancy to 2 months. I am starting to wonder if the cartridge life expectancy was over-rated at time of sale to make it more palatable. (Cartridges cost around £70 each). At my current rate of use I would need 8 a year (£560 plus postage). Looks like I am going back to Chlorine / Bromine granules / tablets.
  7. Hi, All my readings are OK according to Hot Springs multi test strips. Salt level is OK too. I have had two cartridges supplied free by the company, none of which lasted over 2 months. One barely lasted a month. The latest lasted 7 weeks. Getting fed up with this now. I don't have ozone or UV.
  8. Hi, I have a Hot Springs Limelight Flash tub with the Freshwater salt system fitted. I was promised 4 months life with each cartridge. I am not even getting 2 months. Has anyone else had similar issues.
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