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  1. Regarding Rockwool / Roxul, can you tell me the difference between these two? https://www.amazon.com/ROXUL-Mineral-Temperature-Insulation-Density/dp/B07JHWZGDW/ https://www.lowes.com/pd/ROCKWOOL-COMFORTBATT-R-30-Stone-Wool-Batt-Insulation-with-Sound-Barrier-15-25-in-W-x-47-in-L/3610406 All of the results at Lowes are ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT, and talk about sound deadening. But it's R-30, versus the cheaper ROXUL from Amazon only being R-8. But I've read that R-ratings on this are irrelevant since they repel water, so I'm getting confused. Which would you recommend to go inside
  2. I won't deny, $12 for a 4x8 sheet fits the budget a whole lot better! I could buy 4 sheets for $50 and make the cabinet 4" thick, having an R value of 17-20. For the sake of my electric bill, though, I'm kinda tempted to do both... bag up rockwool and pack it in, then build a cabinet around the outside for both protection and additional insulation. During the winter my electric bill hits $300 USD, so if I can knock $50 off of that then it would be worth the investment.
  3. Under the deck is totally exposed. There was originally a thin wooden cabinet frame that was mostly cosmetic, but it had rotted away and I had to rip out what was remaining. So now the pumps, motors, and tubes are totally open air. The pumps and motors are a foot or two away from the shell, so I think it would be easy to tuck insulation in between the motors and tubes as long as it's pliable like the pink stuff. Unless you think I should tuck it between the tubes and the shell?
  4. I'd never heard of Rock Wool, so I had to Google it. There are a LOT of things called Rock Wool! LOL Some are for planting sprouts, some for sound deadening, some that looks like the right thing for $20, and some that looks like the right thing for $600... it's hard to wade through it all. Is this what you're talking about? https://www.amazon.com/ROXUL-Mineral-Temperature-Insulation-Density/dp/B07JHWZGDW/ I was originally thinking about 2 of these, which is R-19 and 6" thick: https://www.amazon.com/Owens-Corning-E61-Fiberglass-Touch-Insulation/dp/B0044G35XU The Roxul
  5. I have a Blue Ridge Spa by Jacuzzi, circa 2000 or 2001. It came with the house when I bought it about 15 years ago. It was originally on a cement slab to the side of the deck, and since then I rebuilt the deck to recess it. It originally had a 2x4 border (with 1" of it showing), and underneath that was a thin frame (maybe 1/4") to make it pretty. Inside of that frame was a piece of Styrofoam, maybe 1/2" thick. Over the years, though, that 2x4 had almost entirely rotted away, and half of the frame was rotted and falling apart. So for the last several weeks I've busted out the old bo
  6. I wanted to give you all an update, since you were all so helpful! For my project, I had to level my deck AND the hot tub; the deck had sunken down around the hot tub because the contractor didn't put any supports under it. I first emptied the hot tub, then had to chisel out the 2x4 trim that went under it. You can kind of see that trim in my pics before... it was originally stained brown, but it had mostly rotted away. Then I placed 2x6s under the edges so that it would raise when I raised the deck, and then I could see what to do underneath. Next step, I used a bumper jack at
  7. You're right, replacing it really isn't an option. $1400 for a new slab of concrete, plus at least $2700 for a new one (the cheapest I've found that would fit)? For something that I might use 5-10 times a year? I just don't see it happening. When/if the shell cracks, I'll probably just pull it out, replace the deck boards where the hole is, and be done with it. I like your idea of giving it a gravel bed... maybe paver base? I'll still have to pull the whole tub out, though, which is much easier said than done! To get it to lift 2" took my full body weight... with the water logged / r
  8. Quote to have a local spa company lift it, jackhammer out the old concrete, then pour gravel, rebar, and a new cement slab... $1400. And the guy is an old high school friend, so that's probably a great price on it :'-( I'm tempted to shim underneath with a 1x4 and then a 2x4, then shoot spray foam under it as thick as I can for additional support. In theory, it would hold the weight easily: http://blog.achfoam.com/?p=1592
  9. Unfortunately, @Cusser, I think Blue Ridge Spas went out of business sometime around 2000 😞 There are a small handful of companies that sell parts to fit it, but they're actually Gatsby instead of Blue Ridge Spa so even the OEM parts aren't available. @ratchett, I thought the same thing when I first began replacing parts! Should I spend $200 on a part to keep an old hot tub alive? But at the time it was cheaper and easier than replacing... I probably have $1,000 invested in parts by now, but now there's literally nothing left that's original other than the PVC pipes and the shell. The PV
  10. I bought my house 17 years ago, and it had a Blue Ridge Spa by Jacuzzi already installed on a cement slab. It's roughly 80" x 80" and holds 4 people. If you're not familiar with it, I know that I've been able to use Gatsby parts as replacements. Since then I had a deck built around it, and have personally replaced every piece of hardware on it; the only thing that hasn't been changed is the shell and pipes, seriously. But over the years, that cement slab seems to have sunk on one side, so the tub is no longer even close to level. While sitting in it comfortably, one of the jets is so
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