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  1. Hello fellow pool people, I desperately need some advice on how to handle a serious algae problem in my pool (see pics). Despite every effort the problem has gotten worse. I recently switched the brand of pool chemicals I use from Leslie’s to Pool Time because I didn’t think Leslie’s was doing a very good job. Here are the products I currently use: Pool Time shock max blue 6 in 1 Pool Time 3 inch tablets Pool Time Algicide 50 Liquid Chlorine and Liquid Acid I wasn’t happy with Leslie’s but now I’m wondering if the Pool Time products are inferior to Leslie’s because the problem has gotten worse. I should mention that I check my pool chemicals regularly and the acid levels have been very stable at 7.5. The chlorine level has been very hard to keep up. I add shock once a week and at least one gallon of liquid chlorine. I also have two floaters that use a tablet each per week. I have a 17,000 gallon pool and the water level drops about 5 inches per week (Las Vegas heat!) so I am constantly adding fresh water. I last refilled my pool completely in July 2019 and my filters are clean. It has been in the past day or so the water has become cloudy green to where I can barely see the pool vac moving around the pool floor. Really stressed and needing help!! Thank you, Julia
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