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  1. I have a new Arctic Spa with the Onzen system. Been having issues with the system. At first, it wasn’t running at all so I called for a service tech. After 3 hours he got it to work, but he had no idea why it stared working and why it wasn’t working. “He’s never seen this before” apparently. Anyways now it seems to have a mind of its own. I set the schedule to run 1 hour 3 times per day for a total of 3 hours. It starts one cycle correctly and then runs 24 hours. It’s pretty frustrating since it’s only 4 weeks old and the service techs haven’t been any help. I’m assuming there is a hardware or software issue. Trying to manage the water chemistry is impossible when the system makes sanitizer constantly. Anyone else have any issues like this with the Onzen system? Thanks!
  2. Just purchased a new Arctic Spa with the Onzen system. Unfortunately, it’s been a nightmare so far. For the first few weeks the Onzen system wouldn’t even turn on. Had the warranty guy come by and he spent 3 hours messing around with the electrode and the gecko system. The electrode still wouldn’t start smoking and producing. He then changed the time of day by one minute and it started to work for some unknown reason “he’s never seen this before”. Unfortunately, the Onzen system has a mind of its own and runs some days not at all and sometimes for 24 hours straight. Its impossible to manage the water chemistry like this. Warranty guy has been by twice so far since I purchased this 4 weeks ago and again “has never seen this before”. That’s nice, but I just dropped 15g’s on a defective tub that I expect to work! Anyone else have issues like this out there? Thanks
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