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  1. I was able to get the water cleared up by shocking it multiple times which also brought the bromine level up to normal. I cleaned the filters which I think helped clear up the water along with the shock. I am still working on getting the ph down. I bought a drop test kit and that is helping a lot more than the test strips. I have it down to 7.8 now. A little more to go but the alkalinity is not changing. Any ideas?
  2. So I ordered a very large RV 3in1 carbon block filter to filter the garden hose water. I also ordered a drop test kit. I am going to shock the hot tub really hard then drain it and clean it with the fresh water as it drains. The hot tub has only been use two weeks and about four times so it shouldn't be very dirty. Draining is the hard part as my sewer drain is higher than the bottom of the hot tub. I ordered a water pump so I can do this. I can't drain it into the yard or street because it will run right into my fishing pond. I will use the water pump to drain it into the sewer drain used by my AC and hot water heater. Then I am going to refill it using the new large RV filter. I am going to run the hose at about half speed so it filters slowly even though the filter is big. I will then test the water and adjust ch, ph, and ta according to Nitro's article. Then I will go forward with the initial bromine shock. If anyone thinks my approach is bad please let me know. Thanks, Aaron
  3. This is a new hot tub. It is an Intex Portable Hot Tub. The water is yellow and was yellow before adding any chemicals. I assume this is due maybe iron in the water supply. This is city water and not well water. After adding chemicals as I read from a website and testing the water is still yellow. The filters were dirty yellow two days after filling. Bromine is a little low and doesn't seem to come up easily with multiple applications of bromine and a bromine tablet in a floater. PH is 8.4 or higher and doesn't come down after multiple applications of a PH decreaser. Alkalinity is over 400ppm and doesn't come down after multiple applications of a PH decreaser. I have considered draining it, changing the filters, getting one of those garden hose filters, and starting from scratch but I have read mixed reviews about the garden hose filters. I am at my wits end and I do not know what to do. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks, Aaron
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