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  1. My display was flashing crazily and mashing the buttons on the panel didn't have an effect on the pumps or jets.


    The disco lights do come on but that's all I can control with the panel.


     I had a repair tech out 3 weeks ago who said he thought it was probably the display panel that needed to be replaced. Since then, his office claimed twice that they can't reach Sundance to order the part so I'm ready to move on from them because I suspect that's BS.


    I can see the display for sale in several different places on the net as well as a video for how to replace it. The only thing I'm worried about is misdiagnosing and spend $400 on a display when something else is wrong. Here's a video of what it's doing.  Is there a way to definitively know if it is the panel that's no good?

  2. Thanks for this info. Very helpful. There is no number on the impeller. The spa was built in June of 2011. The photo of the impeller in the link you sent looks more like my impeller as compared to other photos of higher HP impellers I've seen - and is a much lower price. I see that the pump seals have a choice of adding a tube of lube to the order. Should I use that and where should the lube be placed?

  3. I have a Theramax II pump on an Emerson motor. The impeller was frozen to the motor shaft and it broke into a million pieces when I used my oil filter wrench to try and break it loose. I have been looking online for replacements and the impellers that I found are listed as 1HP, 2 HP and so on. The motor is 1/15 HP so I am not sure where the HP rating of the impeller comes from.


    Also, the shaft seals are listed as either 5/8" or 3/4". I assume that dimension is the OD of the impeller shaft and/or the ID of the shaft seal?


  4. 45 minutes ago, vikingGoalie said:

    i would look at the frozen motors thread i started.   my journey of discovery has taught me that motors that sit for a while are problems.  fixable problems if you are  handy it's definitely a diy'er thing.  if you rather have your weekend for other pursuits ;)  then fixable by someone else.

    Good info here. I'll likely end up taking it to our local motor shop if I can't free the motor, and if I do free it, if it makes funny noises. Thanks for taking the time to record this right before I needed it.

  5. Resurrecting a hot tub (Sundance Cameo) that came with the house that we haven't used in a year. I refilled it a few weeks ago and powered it up to run overnight and heat up. The heater was working when When I came out the next morning, the check valve in the ozonator line had broken and about 1/3 of the water drained out of the tub. The break in the hline was above the motor that is connected to the heater and I wouldn't be surprised if that motor got a good shower. We had bad weather for a few weeks and I started back working on it today. I refilled it and once I powered it up, I get a FLO message and a COLD message. I removed the filter and the FLO message remained.  I wasn't getting an icon on the panel that shows that the heater was on.

    The motor connected to the heater was extremely hot but not turning and I'm thinking that probably what happened is the motor got wet and rusted in the 2 weeks or so that it has been sitting.

    I presume that the FLO message and the heater not coming on has to do with that motor not turning.

    Does this sound correct?

    If so, I would take the motor out and schlep it to my local motor shop to see if they could unfreeze or rebuild it.



  6. 4 hours ago, CanadianSpaTech said:

    Looks to be the hose for a UV/Ozone injection. The white part joined to the 3/4" hose that the line comes off of is a Mazzi injector. Usually a one way check valve where the point of the red arrow is in the photo you posted. See below.... mazzi injector to ozone line to check valve... I would say plug it if you don't have ozone installed 

    What Does The Ozone Generator Do In A Canadian Spa Hot Tub?

    Check valve from ozone was broken in half. Is there anything special about these check valves or will any check valve with the correct hose fittings work?

  7. Definitely a spa rookie. Went to start up the Sundance Cameo that came with the house that we have only used once about 18 months ago. Everything ran OK except for the waterfall that burped up some water and some black gunk and then stopped flowing. After filling and setting the automatic running features and checking that all of the pumps and jets were working OK, I left it to run overnight hopefully for the filter to catch some of the small pieces of dirt, etc that we didn't get out before we filled it. This morning the water level was down about 6" and there was a puddle of water underneath. I removed the front cover and see water draining from this hose. It looks like an air vent but I am pretty sure it's not supposed to drain through this. I'm wondering of there is a blockage or an air lock that caused water to back up through this hose AND if this might be related to whatever is preventing the waterfall from flowing. 

    spa hose.jpg

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