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  1. @RDspaguyI appreciate you trying to help. I already mentioned that I'm using test strips. So I can't give you number readings right now. I know that you mentioned test strips aren't reliable, so I am looking into better testing kits that I can get so I can give you clear readings next time around if that happens again. For now, though, I've already just replaced the water so my readings right now won't really be relevant anyway. But this way, if it happens in the future, Ill be able to give you a better idea. Thanks again.
  2. @RDspaguy Ive linked to the Sanichlor in my last post. It’s a brand of chlorine and what my local dealer sells. As far as your comment, “stop using non-chlorine shock.” Can you elaborate on that, please? I’m not quite sure why you’re telling me to stop. I’ll check out the chemistry post and look into a better test kit. Thanks.
  3. @RDspaguy I'm not aware of any sort of air controls on my Bullfrog X6L spa that let me adjust the air in the jets like that. I can say that if there is something like that -- I haven't used it (admittedly, I'm a new hot tub owner). The jets *can* be turned which allows them to adjust the water pressure. Maybe that's what you mean? And I'll adjust them every so often. But they jets were all on high -- but have mostly always been on high like that (even before the issue). I'm not sure if you watched the video, but it's more than the water being "white" as in a whitewater rapid. But it's milky wh
  4. Hey everyone -- relatively new hot tub owner here. I've been enjoying a 300 gallon Bullfrog X6L spa for the last 2 months or so. But recently, I've run into the same issue a couple of times: Milky white water when the jets are turned on This happened to me two weeks back, and I did everything I could to balance all of the chemicals -- but ended up just changing the water out altogether and cleaning the filters. But now, just two weeks later -- I have the same problem. The water is clear (and just 2 weeks old). The chemicals are all balanced at the proper levels (and were when this
  5. Okay, I'm sure you've all heard this one before -- but first-time new owner here. But we had a stamped concrete patio -- but I *knew* that it wasn't level for draining purposes. So we hired a company to put in an 8' x 8' concrete *level* slab specifically for the hot tub. The hot tub arrived today -- and it's clearly not level. I noticed it wasn't when I leaned on it and could feel the hot tub move. Using measuring tape, it looks like it's about a 5/8" gap. I'm not sure if this is "good enough" or not, but I'm pretty upset because I made it a big deal to the concrete people that it needed
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