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  1. I bought what was advertised as a LazySpa Impeller Shaft from eBay... Sadly its slightly too short. Decided to give it a go anyway... It works but doesn't hold it straight I don't think... its just as if not more noisy so I've turned it all off. Complained to CanadianSpa about their lack of customer service and product quality... dealing with the CEO now. We shall see how that goes, but they don't seem to acknowledge any of my concerns and insist on paying to ship it to them and pay through the roof for them to do something I can do in 10 minutes. Its easy to find a LazySpa Impeller replacement, but give they're different sizes theres no way to tell what to go with.
  2. Hi! Sorry, I didn't realise you'd replied. Having looked at the shaft in more detail, it does appear to be worn. And theres definitely some lateral movement when in the impeller. Theres a shiny point on the magnet so its clearly rubbing somewhere. I've taken your advice and ordered a new stainless steel shaft. Its for a lazy spa but hopefully the same length. Only £3 so worth a shot, otherwise I'll go off in search of bar to cut down. Thanks again
  3. Hi Tenzen, I've stumbled across your post as it all sounds very familiar. However, ours is triggered in other ways too; for example finishing the jet cycle too early causes the pump to stop working and can't be restored unless we reseat (thats all we seem to do) the impeller. Did you find replacing the impeller has worked a few months down the line. Our Impeller doesn't appear to be physically damaged. Thankyou
  4. Hi All, We bought a Canadian Spa Swift Current V2 around 2 years ago. It's not had a great deal of use, but been well maintained (it's become a hobby) and is stored as per the guidance during the winter. We have numerous issues with it, however most recently and since getting back out of storage, is a persistent flow, or lack of, issue. It seems as if the pump circulating the water (the one that contains the impeller I assume) doesn't kick in, causing insufficient flow and then the PCU overheats throwing an E5 error. We can not clear this, unless we take it apart, remove the impeller and reseat it... although I'm not entirely sure what that achieves. We've done this 4 or so times. 2 occasions its just randomly stopped working. The other two have been when we stop the jets before they're scheduled to finish their cycle. It's all very strange, and I'm at a loss of what to try or do. We've tried to speak to Canadian Spa (in the UK) however their customer service is terrible. When I contacted them a few months back, before stripping the unit myself, they didn't reply for 2 months. Then more recently when I emailed asking for advice, they rang up and made it clear that they hadn't read my email or were aware of the things we had tried. Even when explaining on the phone they weren't listening. They want to charge £60 to courier it too them, then £60 to replace the impeller (that may not actually be the issue), then send it back 'working'. My concern is that I can get it 'working', only for it to die a few weeks/months down the line. Has anyone has similar issues, or can suggest a way to resolve it. I can't seem to find the full circulation pump online to buy it myself and it seems pointless to just replace the impeller (although happy to be corrected). Ive stripped the unit almost completely to ensure theres no muck in any of the pipes. I use an anti limescale solution once a week since we initially noticed a build up within the heat exchange, so that shouldn't be an issue. [EDIT] I've seen another topic that mentioned a damaged impeller. Whilst the grinding noise etc do also occur although we can't remember if that was just general noise (its not that loud), the impeller itself seems to be in good condition? Hopefully someone can offer some guidance, it would be very much appreciated 🤞 Thankyou
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