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  1. Hey so I have noticed that the heater element connection is letting water through. It’s gentley coming up through the inside of the big nut. replaced the element with another and same challenge. See picture below. Can’t stem it completely despite trying different tightness.
  2. So I plugged it all in and it ran fine for about 15 mins and then just cut out. Now it is back to what it was doing before. Completely trips whenever main heater power is plugged in. When only Sensor are plugged in and no heater main power plugged in it gives these messages........(see pics)
  3. When only Sensors plugged in - all is fine. Very strange, now all plugged in and not tripping....
  4. Nothing turns on at all without the heater connected.
  5. Thanks for spending so much time helping me. i have attached some pics so the sensors I talk about don’t seem to supply any power anywhere. They just connect to the metal probes that take the temperature of the water. the hot tub doesn’t turn on unless I have that main power supply to the heater connected. so just that plugged in allows the control panel to turn on. But there is an error as no sensor. Then, It’s only when the sensors are plugged in to the board that the whole hot tub trips.
  6. Ok thanks for your responses guys. please excuse my poor terminology but let me try to clarify. there are 4 connections that go from from the heater to the board. These are 2 sets of 2 as described below; a) There are 2 connections on the heater (one in each end of the heating element). These both go into one big connection in the board. b) There are 2 connections that are temperature Senor probes. Each one of these individually connect to the board. when I connect only a) up to the board and turn it on- all is fine (except heat sensor error). but no t
  7. Hi Guys so an update on this. I ordered a new element. my electrician came around to help me fit everything and get it all working. What was surprising to both of us is that the heater only seems to trip the electricity when the heat sensors are attached to the circuit board. if the heater is attached, it’s fine and no trip. Just then the sensors plug into the circuit board, it trips. what are you thoughts on this? Do you think it could be faulty sensors?? Maybe the board? i need to order whatever new parts I might needs but just wanted to see
  8. In the last photo is the white area on the left from photo flash or is it a burn/flash mark from the heater element? it’s white on the element itself. Kinda looks like it’s been scratched. The photos of the element it looks fairly scratched up from abrasive water perhaps? Do you fill from city water or well water? it’s just from the garden hose. Do you get build up on the seats and in the footwell? yeah sometimes. Are the sidewalls of the spa bather area rough to the touch? sometimes How often do you clean the filters? not very often. There is
  9. Hi Sorry I missed the questions. I have answered them all as best I can below. I have also attached pictures of the heater and the system. I really appreciate your help and time on this - thanks in advance. Many Thanks, Oliver Are you buying general service, teflon coated or titanium? I am not too sure to be honest. I have attached pictures of the Heater and the inside etc. During that 6-8 month period are you winterizing the spa and leaving it without water in the spa and the heater element exposed to the air? No I havent drained it at all. When you inst
  10. To be honest I am a novice in the ph domain. I find that the water analysis things I have are pretty poor. It’s a bit of a guess job at the moment! any advice on this would be great.
  11. Hi team! I have a balboa hot tub. I have had to replace the heater twice in the last 8 months. I know that this shouldn’t be the case. They seem to last 4-6 months before blowing (trip the board and ohm tests show no current running through element). They don’t seem to show any obvious sign of damage, maybe just a bit of white and green around the connections. Does anyone know why the heaters don’t seem to be lasting too long? I am about to order another heater but wondering if I need to check or replace any other parts? could poor water health cause this?
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