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  1. Gas heaters are not what they used to be heat exchangers don't like hard water or bad pH or long run times for that matter. That said on the west coast I've had the best luck with the original sta-rite heater not the pentair versioin. And yes high chlorine shouldn't hurt your heater unless it's from a salt system. IMO the largest heater your gas line can handle is the best way to go.
  2. Paint is very unreliable some come out ok others are a disaster. I'm a west coast guy so things are a little different I've never even seen a hybrid and don't understand the need. Here pebble tec is the best also the most expensive probably.
  3. On the west coast we have plaster spa and swim spa combo's. I have one that has a spa that overflows into a swim spa that they also use as a small pool the swim spa part is a little wider than most.
  4. Is there a small pipe with a check valve between the pipes where the valve to switch them is? I've seen some that don't have that and they just move the valve a little so water goes to the spa too. Also is your filter reasonably clean? Also it's possible a small piece of concrete is blocking the jet that fills the spa.
  5. Oh no I don't mean deck box that's ancient usually the j-box is within 10 or 15 feet of the pool but not this guy he put it as far away as he could so now I have to buy the long cord lights. Which means harder pull.
  6. Customers pool/spa I haven't replaced an LED before and of course Jandy changed the fixture they only come 6w, 12w, and 24w. It's a good size spa but a little less bright is better than a little too bright. Now I have to get a plastic on plastic threaded fitting apart which could be easy or a real pain. Oh and the builder put the junction box about 70ft away next to the equipment rather than near the pool.
  7. Yes but if you have small plumbing you can only achieve so much flow and volume. For instance an old pool with 1.25" plumbing you're pretty much maxed out even with just a 1hp superflo. When my kids were little and we had the above ground pools I just plumbed a 1 hp and shot it in the air into the pool. I don't mine cartridges because most of my customers I change them every 2 or 3 years. Had a couple sta-rite sand filters for a while they're ok but a whole different animal. And if they develop a problem you're their a while.
  8. Would you use a 6 watt or 12 watt watercolors led in the spa part of a pool/spa combo.
  9. Using the pump is often the easiest I would leave the air bleed open while doing so reduces the risk of a flying lid.
  10. Some cut the fixture off and attach the new cord to the old and pull it through, yes after soaping, or use a fish tape.
  11. Someone thought the main drain leaked but I'd just watch the water level often people are wrong. There's no drain cover?
  12. Plumbing size and number of returns determines your max size pump, filter would be the size of the pool. I personally hate sand filters and only install cartridge filters generally 400 or 500 sqft.
  13. 65 is fine, surprised your pH is 7.4 with that alkalinity. Sodium Bromide converts chlorine to bromine which is not effected by cya have you tried keeping a floater in the pool? A lot of guys used to run pools this way, add sodium bromide every week and keep tabs in the pool. Apparently it works for some. In my experience sodium bromide breaks down slowly over the season it's my primary algaecide.
  14. Corrosion of the heat exchanger where it meets the manifold is likely which generally means new heater. Though there is a chance it's one of the things RDspaguy said you won't know until you take it apart.
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